Chubb Rock - My Brother Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

My Brother Lyrics
What you're trying to tell me G
If I walk down to the corner and shop I'm a goner
A Bodega is a no-no so where should I get my grub
Without you idiots trying to rub -- me out
Cause I'm the victim on your main route
You take me out and you might get some clout
Anger is driving around in a red Wrangler
Looking for all you black stranglers
To squeeze your reasoning try to find the answer
You try to rob you'll get a Jolly Rancher
For ya dragon, brotherly strength and gaggin
Put away the gun son, run
for cover, seek sanctuary with your mother
Ahh my brother

My brother four times
Take the time to check the clock and don't smother
Other being when both are already fleeing
From the same oppression, the lesson
here has been ignored for many years and years
Fears has created many hostile years
Hoover sustained the first hate maneuver
Jiggaboo and now I have to also be afraid of you
Think like Brown or Franklin and be thanking
The one you pray to, they're after you too
Don't try to switch, they're not after no other
But us my brother

Mississippit Burning gets my stomach churning and yearning
I d on't care how much we're earning
Each year we dissipate in the air yeah
Change our line of thought put away the damn quart
of brew the intoxicated crew knew
We couldn't come hither if we're destroying our liver
So what should we do earn our little pittance
And act real ignorant just like the Buttmins
Put away our t hings and sing a different sound
Come home and you might get beat down
Down down down you won't touch no other
Why not no other, my brother

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