Chubb Rock - Pop 'Nuff Shit Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

Pop 'Nuff Shit Lyrics
Check it out Rock autobiography I
Realize realize that I'm fly
Like an insect I'll insert the fluid
Then you ask how did a roughneck do it
Or did that, sit back listen to this hardcore tridack
Not widdack criddack
Neve got embedded in the sould of a genius
From the tip of my toe to me penis, I mean this
Like a fabric from a seamstress, I'll cut you like a hem
Hack you like phlem
And friends are hard to find so be careful
Said by my man The R here's another earful
My gear will attract a lot of people
So much that I might make a sequel
Like Stallone the road is real Rocky
Bust I stand alone
And my hand might roam up the dress
Of someone totally with it
A half an hour later she was frigid
The pubic box was locked locked
Word up, I'm the key, word up, ME
A black fellow I don't need a damn cello or a violin to win
Put girls on their knees like they're saying a prayer
Gas their headache with some lyrical Bayer
Ibuprofen put you in the mood to elope
When I find the right squaw nah
I remember the words of Jerry Resnick
Never let a girl put you to the exit
Word up and I thank this, the one man skit
I wanna pop nuff shit

I wanna pop nuff shit, word up straight up
No falsehoods, n othing ain't made up
Like Cuomo my style goes two ways like a homo
I no I won't do no Prom Mo oh so
Hoe, say hoe when the back shot is, Given
Robin, it's time for slobbing
Some old near nod your head
Will bob like Celestin Miss, naive here'es a weapon
Get your momma sister to do me at once
Don't forget the champagne
The ketchup the Neiz not Hunts ketchup so you can catchup
To the stunts a blunt like weed
My squaws exceed those of Prince
And ever since he made Graffiti Bridge
I was developing this Purple Rain one man kind of skit
I wanna pop nuff shit, peace

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