Chubb Rock - So Much Things To Say Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

So Much Things To Say Lyrics
Yeah '91 did alright thanks to the man upstairs
Impressed all the peers
Now in '92 I find a brand new crew
That's real raw and go back on four
With the one to make gigantic funds
On the stage not with water guns
Oh I shouldn't say that, did they play that
There's a grudge the budget did pay that
Oh I did that's a fib close that lid
And you look at all the things in my crib
Not you or him but all, you want to end this shit make a call
I'm a man so you mice become men
Let's squash this shit and maybe then
We can say we're friends, to forget that
You niggaz are weak and cheap like a triple fat
Check your sound and roundin no poundin
I'm Johnny Weismuller watching you drown and
Like lotto, orugh is the motto, Ricky Ricardo
Taxi has Elaine Nardo
Everyone has a title and they're idle
This recital refrains from the bible
Oh the Titans are the Tions tie ins
Cry in the hanky franky where's the fly ins
Or sample, example gold on the mantle
And no lyrics stand still
Friends trade em, rate em, never hate them
Or pay them and you can quote them verbatim
Yes the Chubbster, Hustler or the Rustler
Man with the planb I crush and you're just an imitator
Faker, five me a break, a taker
See you laer with a litigator
I'm from JA MA ICA
Not from Warner, Sony or RCA
We need a label based and run in Mecca
For the time I'm here stuck on Elektra
So I flex, plex and then I jet and now I'm vexed
Cause haven't seen my check
Portrait of a madman debuts today
With so much things to say

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