Chubb Rock - The Arrival Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

The Arrival Lyrics
The birth 1986 Brooklyn USA -- just signed the contracts today
Happy but later on came dismay -- Yo, where is my pay
Just wrote the lyrics to DJ Innovator
We throw the record out now and then you pay later
OK naive me -- the first plot for the Rock
Billboard spot achieved without a bullet so what now
I wanna stimulate the crowd but how?
Should I just sample James Brown
And then I'll just have the same sound
I did it anyway and yo it came off
The beat was abrupt word caught up
Part 2 only a chosen few knew
That it was hot so Chubb Rock was on his way
To express his many views
What record comes next do you haev a clue
The brain waves steady on impulse power
A song it never took an hour
You make an ass out of you and me if you assume
The popeye tune didn't boom didn't create a hip-hop recital
The focal point for the first arrival

Yes like in yes y'all land
Chubb Rock don't you hear success calling
So I pick up the phone then answer
Make it uptempo for the dancers
Floors exploding, club heads voguing
Journalists looking at the Billboard slogan
Number one rap records of the year "Treat 'em"
From Jack the Rapper to the South of Medem
Reign on the charts like a thunderstorm
Verbal lightning cause I sound exciting
Minstrel shows never ever done 'em
Find the Uncle Tom who did it, gun 'em then we sun 'em
Play a cannonball and like Hannibal Lect it
Silence up the Lambs cause they're screaming like some next shit
Flow like the Nile, I'll smile at the file pile
Dial for the sure best guess test West, Kyle
Scandal and controversy
I'll throw Joan in the River if she hurts me
Sasparillar Diller Phyllis, bill us or kill us, Willis Bruce
Die Hard this album is the damn proof
Coming stronger and stronger hard like Long Donga Silver
For crews who will pilfer
The big man, the biggest of the large man clan
Ku klux that's for red neck f*cks
I'm sorry cause I'm not about profanity
But racism let's me lose my sanity
It's a sin it's a sin that's born within
I know it's wack they're trying to kill the black
So every single and album I hit the problem
And all the copyright thieves I got 'em
Respect The Chubbster it's written in the bible word up
And credit The Arrival

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