Chubb Rock - The Chubbster Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

The Chubbster Lyrics
[Flavor Flav] "Come on y'all, let's go to work!"

[Chubb Rock]
6 foot 3, 260 and change
?? ?? a little comedic and strange
Because we can have many friends, at least people that they call that
They use your brain but they're insane because I ignore that
No ego, cause I will be no, platinum big-headed rapper
that don't realize there's two directions on the ladder
You wanna go 'head, walk straight, walk good
Don't blame your sales on retails, thinkin that the store should
think of reordering about five-hundred thousand
Just be glad of the success you had and you're arousin
Somebody's brain out there, your year's gonna come
You didn't live by the pipe or the gun to be like me
Waitin for my turn to burn
and get a million-five, and a tax return
that be reapin up, and no keeping up with the Jonses
Long live P.E. and ban Guns'n'Roses
New Kids on the Block, stick to pop
No more making black songs, wack songs please stop!
If show business is a woman, I don't trust her
but she's gonna get knocked by The Chubbster

[Flavor Flav] "Come on y'all, let's go to work!"

[Chubb Rock]
The Chubbster, a man that came out about 1986
with the help of Dr. Ice in the mix
And even then, kickin lyrics that was quite potent
Howie by my side, with his pesticide for the rodents
I'd flow - get on the mic and say, "Yo one two"
Test and MC's start fessin
Jettin cause my weapon among the children was my gung-ho attitude
to use my tongue and lash and lick them up
then pick them up then just fix them up then mix them up with
a knowledgeable man that went to college and astonished
racist teachers with all the modern preachers
Crack beepers, yes knowledgeable preachers
but that didn't effect, The Chubbster
I'm from Brooklyn, so I have a little hustler
in my blood, when I kick the scam, they all will flock to it
Get my music and bop to it
Gassed my head but I was goin for my doctorate
or my Ph.D in P-A-I-D, see
I got into the business to get paid not sprayed
with BS which is an acronym for a much larger word
and if preferred, I'll say it
But then again; radio won't play it
cause they're cracking down on hip-hop
but it will not slow down or stop
Every year it creates a sellout tour
and this year has room for The Chubbster

[Flavor Flav] ".. go to work!"
[Flavor Flav] ".. go to work!"
[Flavor Flav] ".. go to work!"
[Flavor Flav] "Come on y'all, let's go to work!"

[Chubb Rock]
Conceited I'm not, but convinced I am
Slam a jam that'll scare even the Son of Sam
In Sing-Sing he will sing simple songs to bring
tears to your eyes, because you deny he's a king
such as myself, cause myself is on his shelf
As for myself, I went for self cause myself needs financial
health and wealth like ki's for G's
cause cocaine ki's is for those who have morphine needs
Veins all ripped up, capillaries all stitched up
A grand a day, hey you slipped up
The Chubbster doesn't believe in the drug scene
Able to make me feel hip? I'd rather wear Gabberdine's
My quarter fill will be my thrill
My Clyde's will collide with my grill, as for drugs that's nil
Not or no, cause Yo! MTV will never see me smokin rocks
and ban me from The Box with Disney
Cause drugs can't assist me or assist you
Blood on your tissue that's ill so chill
And when you come back you better come back even harder
Praise to the man upstairs, yes The Father
Positive tip, now dance on the floor
and have room for The Chubbster

[Flavor Flav] "Come on y'all, let's go to work!"

[Chubb Rock]
In ninety-one you will find me just
chillin countin shillings livin it up is a must
A Benz is not needed to portray my wealth
A Jaguar is not a symbol for a star
but Nelson Mandela, is a fellow I consider to be true blue
Long live the ANC, Walter Sisulu
The rest of the people involved, the problem isn't solved yet
but you can bet..
that united we stand, divided it's over
Without us, this planet will begin to nova
and get cold, dark and scary like Pluto
And then who do you call? You know, The Chubbster

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