Chubb Rock - The Man Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

The Man Lyrics
[Intro/Chorus Two: G-Man]
Whenever you need good lovin
You gotta understand, it takes a man, a man
to keep you satisfied

[Chubb Rock]
Ha ha ha
Now toys are for boys, men don't need Mattel
objects to manipulate and sell
the women or the girls whichever name flip your curl
acts for nonsense delivered by the boys of the world
BUT I!! I.. am.. totally ignorant to that type of pride
Yell, when your groin starts to rebel
Yo L, I told you that we would sell
Oversell to the point now, that the pockets, start to thicken
How in the world did women become chickens
Is it the, Alize or the weed
shredded on the tray, that make the queens flow this way?
Me, I don't need none of that.. type.. drama
No typical style, for the man who rules the genre
The opera, no choir boys, I'll direct your band
Change your tune for the man, and..

[Chorus One: G-Man]
Whenever you need good lovin
You gotta understand, you need a man, a man
who can provide..

[Chorus Two]

[Chubb Rock]
Ha ha ha ha
To redeem, I heard black men, I mean boys
sayin they beat their queen, that type rush
can't paint the scene, dissipates the dream
of black king, black queen, becomin one team
From actress purses, harlequin romance verses
Ghetto curses, ends up in front of nurses
The Yo-G male, the bourgeoise male
The two-car male and the male that needs mail
The woman start to, get empowered by Alice Walker
Waiting to inhale the fumes of the New Yorker
Question - did you trust her, in front of pimps players
and hustlers, does she need a Benz or a duster
End of question, start of answer, contradiction
Exhale, dangle in romance fiction
The love test, is like do you need to understand
Don't cram, you need a real man, and..

[Chorus One + Chorus Two]

[Chubb Rock]
Ha ha
While the light gleams in her aspect
Does that mean respect, voiced by Franklin, ignored by the inept
Baggy pants wearer, Million Man March bearer
All those who suffered through the Agent Orange era
Do we really maim the beautiful ones
The sons similak by anger, while the women get shunned
It's above me, another cop out, another rot out
Swapping +Tears For Fears+, while we +Shout+ out
past pain, that reverberates the claim
that the disrespect started when we, were in chains
Could be - but should be, it wouldn't be, if we
real men, scriptured by the zen
And even then, women must know which is which
when their groins itch, for the rich damn
There's a lot to try, to somehow understand
Boys will be boys, but find a real man and..

[Chorus One + Chorus Two]
[Chorus One + Chorus Two]

[Chubb Rock - over second repeat]
Queens, to chickenheads yo, how the hell did it happen?
Ow! Man.. the man.. ha ha
{Whenever you need good lovin}

[G-Man ad libs to fade]

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