Chubb Rock - The Night Scene Lyrics

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The Night Scene Lyrics
The night time is an ill time cause nuff crime
happens that never gets aired on the prime
TV stations, public relations
gives the okay for what gets aired in the nation
You got the whole world lookin at "I Love Lucy"
Talented bitches on the corner sellin pussy
A variety'll give your friend for a 10=spot..
.. Christians doin rimshots!
Do more heads than barbershops will
Open their legs to the public for a meal
Damn it's a shame, the shit looks unreal
College graduates sometime kneel
Check out the crack scene over there
Those two motherf*ckers gonna make about a million this year
Sell to their friends for a Benz
Kill their race for a taste
for what they call or see as being the good life
Gold nuggets, lots of ducats
Beeper number 1-800-Asshole
Sellin stone so we can see your bones
cause most crackheads don't have fat legs
Skull all soft, it can crack like eggs
You fiend for the flavor, steal for the hit
Grandma's walkin home, so you bust her shit
Send her to the hospital - for twenty bucks
Beam for a half an hour - that's f*cked
Other (?) your high, for a few stay low
Ten minutes later, you need some blow
So you'll eventually croak - maybe by a stroke
You don't want the good life - no you want coke
Now come the robbers, they just steal
They move like cats - some on crack
They'll vic anything up to Jeeps
These motherf*ckers play for keeps
They'll do anything that's on their mind
They come nine deep, plus pack nines
They don't care - won't shed no tears
Don't try to appeal for pity cause it's silly
They wear Polo coats, baseball caps
The elderly is the main course and the snack
These young kids that leave their cribs
hang on the streets, then these squids
slide up on the scene with a certain lean
and then slide out but they're countin your green
And now you're vexed and you want to redeem
but it's a different world with different rules:
The night scene

Yo baby check this out
Times is gettin kinda hard, youknowhatI'msayin?
Yo bitch, you gonna have to get me some serious money
out this motherf*cker, youknowhatI'msayin?
You better go out there and,
find some friends for five dollars or some shit
Cause y'know, if I don't get my money
you know what's gonna happen right?
Somebody gonna get hurt out this motherf*cker
You know that, you know that

The night time is a different time to flow
You gotta know the rules or they'll let you know
Your heart can't take the pressure, of the scene
Periphreal vision and decisions must be keen
Cause this is a place that's far from clean
Apocalypse Now - but later on you say it's a dream
But it's not a dream, it's reality
Stand on the corner and you're a goner
Go home and chill under your mom's wing
I will sing, hopefully bring
a new alternative to make some green
But stay home - not the night scene - come on!

WHAT? Yo where the motherf*ckin money at huh?
Nah I don't wanna hear nuttin about no
college and tuition shit
I just want my motherf*ckin money - NOW BITCH!
So let's do this alright?
You ain't holdin out tonight
cause I'll fly that motherf*ckin head
right about now, okay?

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