Chubb Rock - Which Way is Up Lyrics

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Which Way is Up Lyrics
Which way is up in fact where am I
I think I made a little dough and they say I'm fly
But am I? Am I? "Yeah"
I'm I'm so fly why do I wear this gear
Clothes don't make the man it's the other way around
I live by this and I'm still platinum bound
Mistakes were definitely made in the past
Friendship contracts thrown in the trash
The guilt is not enough to tilt the game
Perseverance preserves the grame
Of an unusual talent with gallant views
Mimicked by other crews
The first attempt gets exempty
The royalty about 38 minus 8 and a quarter percent
For taxes point seven damn cents
Hence financial failure -- musical uplift
The depression didn't result in draw of a spliff
The production of the LP great by the hands of HT
Well appreciated G
Family bonds loosen then gone
Emotional debris contains memories tranquil and calm
Future seems to predict the Forbes state of being rich
But never switch Rich

But which way is up
The Webstorial monarch sparks once more
The beginning of a world wide tour
My show is fine, no props like last time
No visual effects on the rough set
Debuting hey portrait hard work
Fame ain't about chasing a damn skirt
And if I chase a skirt it'll be my own
And if not let me cast the first stone
The blood puddles paramedics on the double
Production huddles journalists write rebuttals
The question is he the best is he
Can't get an interview because he's too busy
No spotlight only concentrating on the duckets
Duckets to fill pails and buckets
The Chubbster, the one, the man who is flowing
If I get flam and change the pitch like Ryan Nolan
The undiscovered country is where I am going
Test and you get cancer of the colon
After the karm and the physical trauma
You wanna be my man and act like drama
Save that Yang and mix it with Tang
For your mama and don't ssstammmer
On the mic -- the mic can delete the squids
And the squids tell financial fibs
But it is OK hey still on the same path
Won't ever switch -- never switch cause Rich

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