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3 Feet High and Rising Lyrics
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(When I first heard, Criminal Minded
(I was in, man, where was I? Seventh grade)
(Battlin' this other emcee) (smokin' a blunt)
(And drinkin' a 40 down lower East Side with my niggas)
(I have no idea where I was)
(I was on my way to a family reunion)
(In a car on the Long Island expressway headed for Hempstead)
(Rooselvelt Projects) (I was in Rooselvelt Projects)
(I was outside of church when I was really little)
(And I was doing the wop with this girl)
(I mean I could've been anywhere)
(Red Alert played one of the songs on the radio)
(It was so long ago)
(Yo Merce, what's up? This is Hanson, man, I want you to peep that out)
(Yo, kid, I was at this party, this hype party)
(When I heard KRS' Criminal Minded, B, I'll call you back, peace)

(All right)
(All right)
(All right)
(All right, All right)

Channeling, in sync so my what brings that testament
To cover twelve inches of funk flip like
As if I was the Dalek himself
Specializing in cleansing like the its of
Elephants, Dove hits bibles out the park, man
Don't even try to toss bleach, I'm too dark and
Major more soul than James' "Escapism"
De La Soul is here to stay like racism
Patrick know and I'ma put the pillow off the bed
As I lurk up on your thoughts while phones on your head
Riff a tech pro, flex Sue, running you the links
Scout weather, pouring rain outta duck's survive links
And if one winks for pink slips, the slips are short
Dull-minded as sperm, to give out for the souls I report
I sport too fly for the forty ounce drinker
I sport too fly for a forty-ounce thinker
A fresh linen scent so sniffer on the two-inch
A talker of the berg without weed influence
So stick to your Naughty By Natures and your Kane
'Cause graffiti that I based upn the wax is insane

Grand groove, I wish I had the flavor bid
Give me six bottles of beer, I take the seventh one free
I got the chandelier, kick, constructed by my man
Little elf, big four gets the zootie for the self
Long Island living, what, twelve o'clock dawn
Jiggy-not see me so I trip straight to your porches
Mr. Partymaker puts the boogers in your bottle
Straw it and drink, what bees gotta be's
'Cause I snort the crazy-crazies
Man, I kick the Franken-style, dig the bolts in my neck
Wreck, ship, boat, rock
Heavy metal grooves ain't the infinite
Here I hips to the hops
I'm looking for the words in the faces of a prince
That brother been down ever since soaked cheese
And motor go smiling, hey, how ya doin', now?
Meet in front of Big Lou's fighting
Hey, y'all reminisce, six streets, little miles
Straight to my avenue, ahh, ahh
Six streets, went miles straight to my avenue
I'm headed for the bigger E, for the bitter OE, not me
Here's my Malibu, child, here's my Malibu
Buckshot honeys, dig a gun and then, ahh


The Magic Number

[De La Soul, Fiorello La Guardia]
(Got to have soul)
Three, that's the magic number
(Three) Yes, it is, it's the magic number (Three)
Somewhere in this hip-hop soul community
Was born three: Mase, Dove and me
And that's the magic number
(What does it all mean?)

[Posdnuos & Fiorello La Guardia]
Difficult preachin' is Posdnuos' pleasure
Pleasure in preachin' starts in the heart
Something that stimulates the music in a measure
Measure in the music, breaks in three parts
Casually see but don't do like the soul
'Cause seein' and doin' are actions for monkeys
Doin' hip-hop hustle, no rock and roll
Unless your name's Brewster, 'cause Brewster's a punk (Three)
Parents let go, 'cause there's magic in the air
Criticizing rap shows you're out of order
Stop, look and listen to the phrase Fred Astaires
And don't get offended while Mase do-si-do's your daughter
A tri-camera rolls since our music's now set
Fly rhymes are stored on a Da.I.S.Y production
It stands for "Da Inner Sound, Y'all" and y'all can bet
That the action's not a trick, but sure 'nough a function
(What does it all mean?)

[De La Soul]
Everybody wants to be a DJ
Everybody wants to be an Em Cee
But being speakers are the best
And you don't have to guess
De La Soul posse consists of three
And that's the magic number

[Trugoy the Dove & Fiorello La Guardia]
This here piece of the pie
Is not dessert, but the course that we dine
And three out of every darn time
The effect is "Mmm" when a daisy grows in your mind
Showing true position, this here piece is
Kissin' the part of the pie that's missin'
When that negative number fills up the casualty
Maybe you can subtract it
You can call it your lucky partner
Maybe you can call it your adjective
But odd as it may be
Without my one and two where would there be
My three? Mase, Pos and me
And that's the magic number
(What does it all mean?)

Focus is formed by flaunts to the soul
Souls who flaunt styles gain praises by pounds
Common are speakers who honor the scroll
Scrolls written daily creates a new sound
Listeners listen 'cause this here is wisdom
Wisdom of a Speaker, a Dove and a Plug
Set aside a legal substance to feed 'em
For now get 'em high off this dialect drug (Three)
Time is a factor so it's time that counts
Count not the negative actions of one
Speakers of soul say it's time to shout
Three forms the soul to a positive sum
Dance to this fix and flex every muscle
Space can be filled if you rise like my lumber
Advance to the tune but don't do the hustle
Shake, rattle, roll to my magic number

[De La Soul & James Brown]
Now you may try to subtract it
But it just won't go away
Three times one?
(What is it?)
(One, two, three)
And that's a magic number

[Skinny Boys]
Yo, what's up?

One, two, three

[Fiorello La Guardia]
(I say, children, what does it all mean?)

(Woah-woah-woah, one, two, three)

(I wouldn't lie to you)

[Bob Dorough]
(No more no less, that's a magic number (Three))
(No more no less)

[? & Bob Dorough]
(What it is)
(No more no less)

[The Fatback Band & Bob Dorough]
Is this the future?
(No more no less)

[Syl Johnson & Bob Dorough]
Do the shang-a-lang
(No more no less)

[? & Bob Dorough]
Lord, tomboy tryna talk to me
(No more no less)

[Eddie Murphy & Bob Dorough]
Anybody in the audience ever get hit by a car?
(No more no less)

[Johnny Cash & Bob Dorough]
How high's the water, mama?
(No more no less)
How high's the water, mama?
(No more no less)
(Three feet high and rising)
(No more no less)

[Bob Dorough]
Three, that's a magic number


Change In Speak

Once again, it's time to buy more soul (more soul)
A flavor you will savor in your soul (your soul)
Wax is distributed and then sold (then sold)
So watch it turn, bring your next of kin soul (kin soul)
P.A. Mase has rocked it on the console (console)
Scream real hard until you blow your tonsils (tonsils)
Bang-oh-bang until you burn your shoe soles (shoe soles)
'Cause you are now dancing to the new soul (new soul)

Live is the motion of the soul step (soul step)
Set the exposure to my one step (one step)
This scene'll last to the next step (next step)
All those in favor take a big step (big step)
True to the Soul, we'll never back-step (back-step)
In sense to that, we don't half-step (half-step)
Just as a reminder from the last step (last step)
Negative ones are lost in footsteps (footsteps)

Levels we've set will never go down (go down)
Competitions commence the step down (step down)
Those involved with peace will know the Soul's down (Soul's down)
Can see that the Soul has got a new sound (new sound)
Dance until you find yourself a new part (new part)
If you don't, then I'll give you the true part (true part)
When received, you'll see the we're a small part (small part)
Of the new way, there's no part at all

Pos and Dove is rarely caught not dressed in peace (dressed in peace)
Movements always walking round now stressin' peace (stressin' peace)
Well, this biter should go chew a piece (chew a piece)
Instead they cause violence and shoot at me (shoot at me)
Still we are professing so we honor roll (honor roll)
Public cause this party going on the road (on the road)
And if you crave sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (rock 'n' roll)
Sent by the Quest, Jungle and De La Soul (De La Soul)

Give 'em a taste, Mase


Cool Breeze on the Rocks (The Melted Version)

"Cool breeze"
"Rock that shit, homie"
"Light as a "
"A-a-a-as-as a rock"
"Cool breeze"
"Rockin' it, rockin' it"
"You gotta rock it"
"Keep on rockin'"
"Rock's the best"
"Rockin' music"
"Cool breeze"
"The king"
"Of rock 'n' roll"
"This world for you"
"King Ad-"
"Rock the bells"
"I want"
"Body-body rock, body-body rock"
"You are now rockin' with the best"
"I put this together to"
"Rock the house"
"I want to"
"With you"

Contestant number one
Do you have the answers?
Umm, I wish my cousin Nag was here
He knows these things
No, I'm sorry, I don't


Can U Keep a Secret

Ah, yeah, ah-ah-ah
Prince Paul likes buddy
Posdnuos likes buddy
Trugoy likes buddy
Mase likes buddy
Wouldn't you like buddy too? Ooh

Prince Paul needs a haircut
Mase needs a haircut
Posdnuos needs a haircut
Trugoy, would you please give us a haircut?

Prince Paul needs a Luden
Trugoy needs a Luden
Posdnuos needs a Luden
Mase needs a Luden
Everybody, won't you just get a Luden

Paul has dandruff
Posdnuos has a lot of dandruff
Mase has big fat dandruff
Trugoy has dandruff
Everybody in the world, you have dandruff

Dante is a scrub (is a scrub, is a scrub)
Dante is a scrub (he's a big scrub)
Dante is a scrub (a super scrub)

And he not gettin' a haircut either, scrub


Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)

Access to her code
Lovestruck was my mode
Took a look, dropped my textbook
Jenifa, oh
Breakfast, broke it fast
She was in my english class
Asked for notes, rocked my boat
Jenifa, oh
Lost her favourite penny
So I gave her a dollar
She kissed me (and I hollered)
In a flash, the school bell rang
Jenny grabbed on to my hand
Took me home and said, "Trugoy just
Swing and swing and swing"

The downstairs, where we met
I brought records, she cassettes
Lost the break, found her shape
Jenifa, oh, Jenny
Transcripts showed more than flirt
"I love daisies," read her shirt
Grabbed my jeans, Jimmy screamed
Jenifa, oh, Jenny
Marvelous, shaped like a vase
No one can live their life for Pos
Found a house, aroused my joust
Jenifa, oh, Jenny
Her clothes, I did shuck
Just like Dan, I strictly stuck
To the punt, she cried, "kick it"
Posdnuos was in
Only thought about Jimmy
But asked was I a virgin
Like some kid named Derwin?
She said, "let's try it in the bathroom"
But 'dnuos is way above sinks
So to the kitchen she did Dan
And came back wrapped in Saran

Now wait a minute
Little Derwin got something to show us
That Jenny could never do, listen

Hey, look at little Derwin
Look at him go, look at him go
Aw, baby

Positions, muscles flexed
Dove was lost in a gon-a-hex
Passed her test, felt her teddy
Jenifa, oh, Jenny
Soothed the mood
Dove was lost in De La heaven
Screwed plug two, did the do
Jenifa, oh, Jenny
Teased my homeboy granny
In fact, she teased so many
She was known as a garden tool

No more, I dispatched
Was it Jimmy had met his match?
Or could it be the realization
All girls owned a Jenny
For normal health, I had fought
A valuable lesson she had taught
Don't flaunt that the candy is good
Unless you came with plenty


Ghetto Thang

(Mary had a little lamb)
That's a fib, she had two twins though
And one crib
Now she's only fourteen, what a start
But this defect is ground common in these parts
Now life in this world can be such a bitch
And dreams are often torn and shattered and hard to stitch
Negative, the attitude that runs the show
When the stage is the G-H-E-T-T-O

Which is the one to blame when bullets blow
Either Peter, Jane, or John or Joe
But Joe can't shoot a gun, he's always drunk
And Peter's pimpin' Jane, and John's a punk
Infested are the halls, also the brains
Daddy's broken down from ghetto pains
Mommy's flying high, the truth is shown
The kids are all alone
'Cause it's just a ghetto thang

It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)

Who ranks the baddest brother, the ones who rule
This title is sought by the coolest fool
Define coolest fool? Easy, the one who needs
Attention in the largest span and loves to lead
Always found at the jams, but never dance
Just provoke violence due to one glance
The future plays no matter, just the present flow
And the greeting place is the G-H-E-T-T-O

Lies are pointed strong into your skull
Deep within your brain against the wall
To hide or just erase a glowing note
Of how to use the ghetto as a scapegoat
Truth from Trugoy's mouth is here to scar
Those who blame the G for all bizarre
So open up your vents and record well
'Cause this is where we stand, for the true tell
Ghetto gained a ghetto name from ghetto ways
Now there could be some ghetto gangs and ghetto play
If ghetto thang can have its way in ghetto range
Then there must be some ghetto love and ghetto change
Though confident they keep it kept, we know for fact
They lie like ghettos form, 'cause people lack
To see that they must all get out the ghetto hold
The truth they never told
'Cause it's just a ghetto thang

It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)

Do people really wish when they blow
Out the cake candles, and if so
Is it for the sunken truth which could arise
From out the characters in which the ghetto hides
Roses in the ring supply their shown relief
Granted it's planted by their shown belief
Kill and feed off your own brother man
Has quickly been adopted as the master plan
Posses of our people has yet to provoke
Freedom or death to them, it's just a joke
What causes this defect, I don't know
Maybe it's the G-H-E-T-T-O

It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)

Standing in the rain is nothing felt
When problems hold more value, but never dealt
With buildings crumbling to the ground
Impact noise is solid sound
But who's the one to say this life is wrong
When ghetto life is chosen strong
We seem to be misled about our dreams
'Cause dreams ain't what it seems
When it's just a ghetto thang

It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)

It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)
It's just a ghetto thang (word)

(Word, word, word, word)


Transmitting Live from Mars

Ecoutez, "A midi"
Quel heure est-il?
Il est midi
C'est l'heure de dejeuner
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a a manger?
Il y a saucisse, sans doute

Ecoutez et repetez, "A midi"
A midi
A midi
Quel heure est-il?
Quel heure?
Quel heure
Quel heure est-il?

Il est midi-midi-midi
Il est midi
Il est midi

C'est l'heure de dejeuner
C'est l'heure
C'est l'heure de dejeuner
De dejeuner
C'est l'heure de dejeuner

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a a manger?
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a?


Eye Know

Greetings, girl, and welcome to my world of phrase
I'm right up to bat
It's a Daisy Age and you're about to walk top-stage
So wipe your Lottos on the mat
Hip-hop love this is and don't mind when I quiz
Your involvements before the sun
But clear your court 'cause this is a one-man sport
And who's better for this than Plug One (Plug One)
don't have to worry 'bout me squashin' other deals
'Cause they've already been squished
Freeze a frame about moods the same which we can continue
Right behind the bush
You'll stay with me, I know this
But not because of all my earthly treasures
Or regardless to the fact that I'm Posdnuos
But because

I know I'll love you better

May I cut this dance to introduce myself
As the chosen one for speak?
Let me lay my hand across yours
And aim a kiss upon your cheek
The name's Plug Two (is Plug Two)
And from the soul, I bring you
The daisy of your choice
May it be filled with the pleasure principle
In circumference to my voice
About those other Jennys I reckoned with
Lost them all like a homework excuse
This time the magic number is two
'Cause it takes two, not three, to seduce
My destiny of love is brought to an apex
Sex is a mere molecule
In this world of lust that I have for you
It's true

I know I'll love you better

Now it's time to let this rhyme style
Get somewhat poured in the mold
Hold my hand and we'll pick my plantation
Of daisies for a bouquet of Soul (Soul)
Life will begin at the cut of a rim
Take it as filled to the rim as in brim
Squeeze your stoop like Betty Boop
Then make Campbell's alphabet soup
And spell Plug One's within
Forward march is the say
When transistors will play
Come into bed is the move
Dolby sound will be then top crowned
When I put the needle into your groove
I got a good thing and in full swing (full swing)
I show this in gifts, words or letters
But even without those three
I know you'll be close to me 'cause

I know I'll love you better

It's I again and the soul that I send
Is taking steps to reach your heart
Any moment you feel alone
I can fill up your empty part
We can ascend 'til we reach De La Heaven
And in a spin, we'll hit the top ten
Then we could meet Mr. Stuckie and Pos'
Brother Lucky will preach, let the wedding begin
Shot by an arrow of cupid through the string of a G-clef
My dear, I claim you're def
And if you can hear me, by golly gee
Trugoy is ready for what you possess
We could live in my Plug Two home
And on Mars where we could be all alone
And we make a song for two
Picture perfect things and I sing of how

I know I'll love you better


Take It Off

(It's hurting)
(Smell your breath)
(You smell like Jabba)
(Your nose is what's doing it)
(You're talking into the recording, go)
(Okay Lucky, start it off)

Take, take, take, take, take it off
Take it off, take, take, take, take it off
Take it off, take, take, take, take it off
Take it off, take, take, take, take it off
Take it off (take that suede front off)
Take it off (take those contacts off)
Take it off (take that horsemeat off)
Take it off (take those shell-toes off)
Take it off (take those track fleas off)
Take it off (take that doo-rag off)
Take it off (take that moth rag off)
Take it off (take those fat laces off)
Take it off (take that bomber off)
Take it off (take that BVD off)
Take it off (take those Converse off)
Take it OFF! (And those Gazelles too)
Take it off (take that Kangol off)
Take it off (take that Jordache off)
Take it off (take that Afro off)
Take it off (take that jheri curl off)
Take it off (take that Le Tigre off)
Take it off

Take those acid-washed jeans, bell-bottomed, designed by your mama
Off? Please? Please?


A Little Bit of Soap

Please listen to this simple De La style I'm gonna sing
It's strongly directed to all the misery you're bringing
Now I'm not all about dissing someone else personnel
But there's no quota on your odor
That's right, you smell

You might feel a little embarrassed, don't take it too hard
And don't make it worse by covering it up with some Right Guard
Before you even put on your silk shirt and fat gold rope
Just take your big ass to the bathroom
And please use (a little bit of soap)

Okay contestant #2, do you have the answers?
No, no I don't


Tread Water

"Okay, contestant number two
Do you have the answers?"

"No, no, I don't"

I was walking on the water when I saw a crocodile
He had daisies in his hat, so I stopped him for a while
He delivered me a message, a massage to soothe my stage
What it was was more then plug-up dosage
More than DAISY age
Conversation drew a rule
Which the crowd will roar by millions
Mr. Crocodile said, "Dove, you must look
For now, the villains try to hold you underwater
But one thing we all must heed
Sony Walkmans keep us walking
De La Soul can help you breathe when you tread water"

As I walked along my journey
I thought, "What have I just learned?"
In a flash, I saw commotion
There was movement in these ferns
Silently, the silence came, was it the end of my world?
I shouted out in fear, "Who's there?"
"It's me," said Mr. Squirrel
"I've searched for you all over, now you're found
No time to waste
We must find the Preacher Man
We must find the P.A. Mase (P.A. Mase)
All my population's dying
And we're all in tune to doom
Like the Daisy, I need water
I need chestnuts to consume
"Mr. Squirrel," I said, "I'm sorry
But the problem can't be solved
If there's no one here to help, and no one to get involved
Always look to the positive and never drop your head
For the water will engulf us if we do not dare to tread
So let's tread water"

Now one weary day, I woke, my alarm said, "Plug time's up"
Filled my bath up with the water, gargled with my gargle cup
As I bathed, I felt a presence, and I'm sort of ticklish
I looked down and then around and I heard
Hi, I'm Mr. Fish, how do you do? As for me
I'm in tip-top shape today, 'cause my water's clean
And no one's mean, says Fresh Fish Filet
See I look past all my worries, which is something you must do
Though you're fed up, throw your head up
With this advice from me to you
And that's to tread water'

As my day went unexplained, time was finding nothing fun
As I walked along the sidewalk, I heard
"Psst, excuse me, Plug One"
From my Soul, De La that is, I hollered
"Yes, are you talking to me?"
"No alarm meant," he said, "Let me introduce myself
I'm Mr. Monkey"
"Mr. Monkey, I pledge you slap of five
Now how does your problem meet?"
He said, "My bananas are at their ripest
But they all stand at three feet
My swinging hand is bandaged up
Could you help me with this chore?"
I brought him down to the Native shop
And bought him copies of the De La score
Which assisted well in his elevation
Now all bananas is at his grasp
He decided with this accomplished
He would put me on to the path
He to my to live by the Inner Sound, y'all
Which would bring me health in showbiz
Then to use them, not abuse them
And then in the words that got me to 'em
And that is to tread water


Potholes in My Lawn

(Yo, something's wrong here, no, not again)
(Get the daisies for the)

Potholes in my lawn
Potholes in my lawn (potholes in my lawn)

Everybody's sayin'
What to do when sucker lunatics start diggin' and chewin'
They don't know that the Soul don't go for that
Potholes in my lawn
And that goes for my rhyme sheet
Which I concentrated so hard on, see
I don't ask for maximum security
But my dwellin' is swellin'
It nipped my bud when I happened to fall
Into a spot (to a spot) where no ink or an ink-blot
Was on a scroll (was on a scroll), I just wrote me a new mot
But now it's gone (but now it's gone)
'Cause those suckers knew that I hate
To recognize that every time I'm writin', it's gone

(Yodel-a-hee, Yodel-oh-hee, Yodel-a)
(Yodel-a-hee, Yodel-oh-hee, Yodel-ee-hee-hee-hee)

Potholes in my lawn

I've found that it's not wise
To leave my garden untended
'Cause eyes have now pardoned all laws of privacy
Even paws are after my writer, see
I presume that everyone's sayin'
What to do when suckers are preyin'
Upon my well-guarded spreadsheets (spreadsheets)
Oh why, hell does it send up fleets (up fleets)
Of evil-doers through the big hole (big hole)
To get to evil-doers who dig holes (dig holes)
Which leaves my lawn with lawn-chew
I think I'd better plant traces to give clues
Or better yet, call 911 (call 911)
And when they get here, I inform them I'm the Plug One (the Plug One)
Open a chair and let them realize the reason
For concern of the Soul
'Cause we've come down with a case of potholes

(Yodel-a-hee, Yodel-oh-hee, Yodel-a)
(Yodel-a-hee, Yodel-oh-hee, Yodel-ee-hee-hee-hee)

(Who stole, who stole)
(Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?)

Now you got the method, what to do when you die
The death that I predict in "Plug Tunin'"
It's a shame when you deny to claim
That you stole my words of fame
That I wrote in my rhyme sheet (rhyme sheet)
Which I concentrated so hard on, see (hard on, see)
I don't ask for a barbed wire fence, B (a fence, B)
But my dwellin' is swellin'
It nipped my bud when I happened to fall
Into a spot (to a spot) where no ink or an ink-blot
Was on a scroll (was on a scroll), I just wrote me a new mot
But now it's gone (but now it's gone)
'Cause those suckers knew that I hate
To recognize that every time I'm writin', it's gone

Potholes in my lawn (potholes in my lawn)

(Yodel-a-hee, Yodel-oh-hee, Yodel-a)
(Yodel-a-hee, Yodel-oh-hee, Yodel-ee-hee-hee-hee)

Yo, Pos, what are sucker MCs diggin'?
Potholes in my lawn
Yo, Dove, what are we feelin'?
We're feelin' potholes in my my lawn
Yo, Mase, what we doin'?
Potholes in my lawn
Hey, Mase what we for?
Potholes in my lawn
Yo, Prince Paul, what are you producin'?
Potholes in my lawn
Yo, we out here like what you hear
Forty ounces of beer, have no fear
In the house
The Daisy Age is here, sucker
Strictly, Dan Stuckie, yes, yes, yes
Suckers, suckers, suckers
And, and who in the house?


Say No Go

Now let's get right on down to the skit
A baby is brought into a world of pits
And if it could've talked that soon
In the delivery room
It would've asked the nurse for a hit
The reason for this?
The mother is a jerk
Excuse me, junkie
Which brought the work of the old
Into a new light, what a way
But this what a way has been a way of today
Anyway, push couldn't shove me to understand a path to a basehead
Consumer should've erased it in the first wave
'Cause second wave forms believers
And believers will walk to it then even talk to it and say
(You got the body, now you want my soul)
Nah, can't have none of that, tell 'em what to say Mase

(Say no go, say no go, say no go)
(Say no go, say no go, say no go)

Nah, no, my brother, no, my sister
Try to get hip to this
Word, word to the mother
I'll tell the truth, so bear my witness
Fly like birds of a feather
Drugs are like pleather
You don't wanna wear it
No need to ask that question, just don't mention
You know what the answer is

Now I never fancied Nancy
But the statement she made held a plate of weight
I even stressed it to Wade
Did he take any heed?
Nah, the boy was hooked, you could've phrased the word "Base"
And the kid just shook
In his fashion class, once an A now an F
The rock rules him now, the only designs left
Were once clothes made for Oshkosh
Has converted to nothing but stonewash

Now hopping in a barrel is a barrel of fun
But don't hop in if you want to be down, son
'Cause that could mean down and out as an action
What does it lead to? Dum-da-dum-dum
People say what have I done for all my years
My tears show my hard-earned work
I heard shoving is worse than pushing
But I'd rather know a shover than a pusher
Cause a pusher's a jerk

(Say no go, say no go, say no go)
(Say no go)

Believe it or not, the plot forms a fee more that charity
But the course doesn't coincide with the ride of insanity
Is it a chant that slants the soul to fill for it?
I know it's the border that flaunts the order to kill for it

Standing, scheming on a young one
Taking his time, eight-ball for a cool pool player
Racked it all, tried to break, miscued
Got beat by the boy in blue
Next day you're out by the spot once more
Looking hard for a crack in the hole
I ask what's the fix for the ill stuff
Word to the Dero
The answer should have been no

Run me a score from the Funky Four Plus One More
(It's the joint)
Rewind that back
This is the age for a new stage of fiend
Watch how the zombies scream
It's the crack
Plain is plain, it should explain it from the start
Behind the ideals of cranking up the heart
Now the base claim's shot over every part

(Say no go, say no go, say no go)
(Say no go)
(Don't even think about it)
(Say no go, say no go, say no go)
(Say no go)


Do as De La Does

Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah)
Word (yeah), yo (uh-huh)
Oh yeah, yeah, word, yo, yeah, uh-huh

Yo, yo, yo, yo
We got De La Soul in the house, with producer Prince Paul
P.A. Mase, yo, and I wanna know one thing
Yo, yo
You gotta jump and right up your hands, let me see you say
Ow (ow)
Say, "Ow" (ow)
Come on, come on, come on

Plug One on the mic, P-L-U-G-O-N-E, yo, what's up, you know about Jimmy
You know about Jenny, I want
Everybody in this place, c'mon, say Plug it up (Plug it up)
Say Plug it up (Plug it up)
You got somebody next to you with some bad-ass breath
I want you to tell that brother, come on
Tell him, "Take a Luuden" (take a luuden)
Say, "Take a Luuden" (take a luuden)
Plug Two (oh, what's up, here we go)

If you like to drink some soda, let me hear you say Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola)

Ah, yeah, pump it, pump it, ah, yeah, pump it up
Yo, if you got doo doo in your pocket
You got doo doo in your pocket
Put one hand in the air like this
Wave it back and forth
Say doo doo (doo doo)
Say doo doo (doo doo)
Come on, ah yeah

Yeah, yeah, this is Plug Three
This is Plug Three, yeah
Say, "Ho" (ho)
Say, "Ho" (ho)

Hey De La Soul, you f*cking lasagna heads
That's better than my mama's lasagna
Hey, hey, come on
That was freakin' A, man
I really wanna take it back home with me, you know
I really get into your f*ckin' music
It's so excellent
Ah, you big sconzilli heads, y'all are so f*ckin' great

Let me hear you say, "I'd like to eat that"


Plug Tunin' (Last Chance to Comprehend)

Yo Pos and Dove, stand clear to be plugged up into line one and two
So y'all can flaunt that new style of speak
(And good luck to both of you)

Plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two
Plug one, plug two, plug one

Answering any other service
Perogative praised positively, I'm acquitted
Enemies publicly shame my utility
After the battle, they admit that I'm with it
Simply soothe, well move, vinyl like glue
Transistors are never more shown with like
When vocal flow brings it all down in ruins
Due to a clue of a naughty noise called plug tunin'

(Hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm)
(Mmm-hmm, yeah)

Flowing in file with a new style
Barrels are cleaned and loaded for salute
Chanters with the choice standing steady like my mouth
This paragraph preacher is now introduced
Drums are heard sounding off on each and every person
Vocal confetti is blown at top stage
Roses and violets aren't proper for throwing
For showing appreciation, why? This is a Daisy Age
Hands won't sweat 'cause there's no threat
Mic will stay dry while pitchin' so loose
Rhymes aren't fables but stable to be on time
'Cause they're marketed and labeled sticker Posdnuos
This pitch will fit with every consumer
Microphone loosed in cycles, start blooming
Profit and cost could never be lost
All due to a clue of a naughty noise called plug tunin'

(Hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm)
(Mmm-hmm, yeah)

Plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two
Plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two

Dazed at the sight of a method
Dive beneath the depth of a never-ending verse
Gasping and swallowing every last letter
Vocalized liquid holds the quench of your thirst
Reasons for the rhythm is for causes unknown
Different individuals are dazzled with the showbiz
Auditions are gathered but the Soul would just rather
Hold a count at three and in the end leave it as it is
Flow to the sway of my do-re-mi
Are fixed lunatics who will hawk
Words are sent to the vents of humans
Then converted to a phrase called talk
Musical notes will send a new motto
Every last poem is recited at noon
Focus is set, let your polaroids click
As they capture the essence of a naughty noise called plug tunin'

(Hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm)
(Mmm-hmm, yeah)

Vocal in doubt is an uplift
And real is the answer that I answer with
Dying yet live, what you must realize
That the tune that I present is surely not a gift
Different in style is definite
And style which I flaunt is sure legit
Now set aside, I say I hold pride
In performing this melodic misfit
So swing 'cause this pitcher is pitching
In sense, JD Dove is now saying
All sing along to his favorite song
While the pocket transistors are playing
But least but not last, I'm frightened
For the words that I reply hold doom
Life of the check can be stopped by accident
When you're tripping the wire of the plug tune

(Hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm)
(Mmm-hmm, yeah)
(No one that I know can live my life for me)
(Are you ready for this?)


De La Orgee

This is De La Orgee

Say you like it, tell me you like it
I like it, I like it, I like it
More, more
What's my name? What's my name?
What's my name? What's my name?
What's my name? What's my name?
What's my name?
Flip over
Get on your stomach
Put your face in the pillow
What's my name? What's my name?
What's my name? What's my name?
Seven feet, seven feet, seven feet long
Keep the damn thing off
Cut it
Tell me you like Jimmy (I like Jimmy)
Tell me you like Jimmy (I like Jimmy)
Speak with Jimmy (I like Jimmy)




Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?)
Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?)
Meany, meany, meany, meany, mean
Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?)
Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?)
Meany, meany, meany, meany, mean (Okay)

Hello it's the soul
Troopin' in wit the Jungle patrol
And this one's about the KO's the knockouts out there
Who's holdin' my buddy
Hold up
(wait a minute)

Now just wait
We're gonna talk about Buddy on this plate
But before we let the herd out the gate
Make sure the all the levels are straight out the jungle
(The Jungle, the Jungle, the Brothers, the Brothers)

De La Soul from the soul
Black medallions no gold
Hangin' out wit Pos hangin' out wit Mase
Buddy buddy buddy all in my face

For the lap Jimbrowski must wear a cap
Just in case the young girl likes to clap
Ain't for the wind but before I begin
I initiate the buddy with a slap

Now for the next
I'm the Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest
And when I quest for the buddy I don't fess
For my jimmy wants nothin' but the best (the best)
The best (Ooh Wee!)
Let's stick out jimmy and see what we can catch
(Stick em up, stick em up jimmy)
Next won't be needed unless
(Jenny wanna get right to the flesh)

(Sweet little woman, sweet little woman)

I won't lie, I love B-U-D-D-Y (why)
Cause I never let it walk on by
When it comes to me and Jenny I seem (very serious)
Like a Peak Freen
Buddy is the act that occurs on the lip
when Jenny and jimmy start shootin' the gift
Boy let me get shot I won't even riff

Buddy buddy don't you know you make me go nutty
I'm so glad that you're not a fuddy duddy
Not too skinny and not too chubby
Soft like silly putty
Miss Crabtree I hope that you're not mad at me
Cause I told you that it was your buddy
That was making me ever so horny
Junglelistically horny

On the dial my buddy talks to me for a while
Plug Two is the

Q to her tip

On the A side and sometimes the flip
(Gotta gotta flip this record)
Buddy is the bud to my daisy tree
And the luuden to my do-re-mi
And the pleaser to my man Plug 3
(Plug 3 gets all the buddy)

Behind my bush my buddy likes the way that I push
And like a champ just knock it on out
Never ever once sellin' out
(Oh let loose the juice)
My buddy helps me to
(De La my Soul)
Keepin' jimmy in total control
Without Buddy I'd be on a roll

(La la la l-la la la la, la la la l-la la la la)

Hey girl I heard ya lookin' for some good times
If you Quest from the Soul here's what we'll find
A whole lot of fun lots of fun together
Just like kissin' cousins (yeah that's kinda clever)
Close like bosoms, bosoms stay close
If you be my buddy I will toast
That we're like Ethel Merts and Lucille MacGillicuddy
You can be mines and I can be your buddy

The best buddy's in evening wear
Long lovin' less Tru know (he's in there)
I feel sorry for those who pay a fare (a fee) word to the D
I don't beg I just tease my buddy with my right leg
And when it's ready what's said is buddy is best in bed

Fly buddy told us all to get into a circle
Said don't worry cause I won't hurt you
All I really wanna do is freak you (she freaked us)

And I watched and then I checked my swatch
To see the time
The Soul had formed a buddy line
And that buddy was (mine all mine)

Now when Tribe, the Jungle, and De La Soul
Is at the clubs our ritual unfolds
Grab our bones and start swingin' our hands
(Then Jenny start flockin' it everywhere)
Cause Jenifa just wants to stay aware
Yo fellas should we keep her aware
(Mmm Hmm, yeah!!!)



I am Trugoy
A Dove-like boy
Could wingspread
But instead
I will employ

Me, the Plug Three
Or Baby Huey
I eat up
All ketchup
For its tendency

I am Plug One
I'm nineteen years young
I love peace
Well, at least
I think we need some

I'm Q-Tip, y'all
3 Feet produced by Prince Paul
This session
Was lessoned
By one Qualiall

I am Granny
Thank discoriety
Yo, no more
I need peace for me

I'm China
I'm Jette
The cue cards we inject
We're crazy for daisies
When we're on the set

Will rise, not fall
Definition, Prince Paul
I Mentor
Don't be sore
When I say
That's all


Me Myself and I

(Say it now)

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me, mirror, what is wrong?
Can it be my De La Clothes
Or is it just my De La Soul?
What I do ain't make-believe
People say I sit and try
But when it comes to being De La
It's just me myself and I (say it now)

It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Say it now)

Now you tease my Plug One style
And my Plug One spectacles
You say Plug One and Two are hippies
No, we're not, that's pure plug bull
Always pushing that we formed an image
There's no need to lie
When it comes to being Plug One
It's just me myself and I (say it now)

It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Say it now)

Mi-ine, mi-ine
Mi-ine, mi-ine
Mi-ine, mi-ine (say it now)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (say it now)

Proud, I'm proud of what I am
Poems I speak are Plug Two type
Please, oh, please let Plug Two be
Himself, not what you read or write
Right is wrong when hype is written
On the Soul, De La that is
Style is surely our own thing
Not the false disguise of showbiz
De La Soul is from the soul
And this fact I can't deny
Strictly from the Dan called Stuckie
And from me myself and I

It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Say it now)

Glory Glory Hallelu
Glory for Plug One and Two
But that glory's been denied
By condescending dookie eyes
People think they diss my person
By stating I'm darkly packed
I know this, so, I point at Q-Tip
And he states, "Black is Black"
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Shovel chestnuts in my path
Just keep all nuts twistin' up
So I don't get an aftermath
But if I do, I'll calmly punch them
In the 4th day of July
'Cause they tried to mess with third degree
That's me myself and I

It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's just me myself and I
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Say it now)

Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Mi-ine, mi-ine (oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)

Contestant number four, do you have the answers?
Uh, it's on the top of my tongue, uh
I just can't think of it, I'm sorry


This is a Recording 4 Living in a Fulltime ERA (L.I.F.E.)

Contestant number four, do you have the answers?
Uh, it's still on the tip of my tongue

(This is a recording)
(This is a recording)
(This is a recording)
(This is a recording)

Living in Gary Bay is something
Something everyday like this is our livin'
Giving something sheer for the crowd is our major
Major to the crowd is to hear what we're givin'
No time to rest, we got work in the studio
Studio suppliers rest at no time
Showtime is enough when the Soul is performing
Performing is the Soul, y'all, and it's showtime
Coping with dates in clubs, can't even lounge
Lounge with the homeboys how we are copin'
Scoping new material for Paul to plug high-pitched
High-pitched what Paul plugs in and still scopin'
Bearer of peaceful views to express peace
Peaceful expressions why we are bearers
What the Soul tries to project is when existing in rap
You're living in a fulltime era

(This is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)

Puttin' in spin the rhyme, rappers fear so
Fear so much of what Pos is puttin'
Couldn't do better, the punks they don't try hard
Try hard enough, they don't, so they couldn't
No joke to what I do inside this field
This field to me is foul, there's no joke
So soak up the fact there's no part-time
Part-time rappers at, so soak
Taking in new ideals leads to new groups
New groups to better the Soul, I'm takin'
Wakin' from days and nights to do my best
Your best gets us paid
So I'll keep on payin'
Wearer of a Plug logo to the dying
Dying are rappers who think I'm no wearer
What I'm trying to say is when dealing in rap
You're living in a fulltime era

(This is a recording, this is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)

Love is to all, to all goes my love
Dove comes to peace like stand comes to sit
Stand for the court, 'cause standing is healthy
Healthy in sense is mentally fit
Pause 'cause the poets of a new style of speak
Just here to do the same with no trick
Grab the Plug Two's live wire, my brother
And find that you've grabbed my pet boa constrict
Ringo's the garbage I'm hearing
Seek for the truth, my brother is tearing
No time to back-step, 'cause if you back-step
Look what you stepped in, you stepped in mess
So look what's around you
Don't worry for the Soul will find the truth (truth)
About three years from now, you know why?
'Cause we're living in a fulltime era

(This is a recording, this is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)
(This is a recording, this is a recording)


I Can Do Anything (Delacratic)

It's Delacratic, it's Delacratic

If I want to I can jump off this building (it's Delacratic)
I can hold two pieces of doo-doo in my hand (it's Delacratic)
I can call everybody in that room a rubbernecker (it's Delacratic)
Come on, please? (It's Delacratic)
I can say anything that I want (it's Delacratic)
I could wave my hand in my air (it's Delacratic)
I could stick my hand up my nose (it's Delacratic)
I could hold my foot and count the toes (it's Delacratic)
I can do anything (Possie? Dovie? Masie?)

Pass my bag


D.A.I.S.Y. Age

(Whoa, stay, stay, stay)
My daisy (daisies, daisies)
I love daisies, I love daisies
I love pushing up your favorite daisies
This is Posdnuos, a president of a paragraph

Paragraph, president
President preaching 'bout the on-tech
Known for the new step
Stop and take a bow
Amityville resident
Resident supported by the speaker view
Want to feel it in your shoe
Let me show you how

Platform witnesses
Witnesses, show you to my show-lab
Fill you with my vocab
Hope you have a spoon

Discuss contracts
You like the way I vocalize
We bring it to a compromise
My P.A. Won't set up 'til noon
It's a DAISY age

Sun ceiling
Ceiling connects to the sun
Burning inside everyone
On a side, Plug-a-fied sire
One million
Demonstrations have been heard
My hair burns when I'm referred
Kid shouts my roof is on fire
Go, dancing
Dancing like a bandit
Psychics try to stand it
Keep it up until they burn a cell
Romancing dialect in shows
Posdnuos create the flow
You say you didn't know
Oh well, it's a DAISY age
Pedal, promenade
Promenade people to the providence
Dove will show dominance
Inside of every phrase
Rebel, renegade
Renegade reaching only topflight
Can't find your new height
Think you need a raise
Dialect, ultimate
Ultimate string from the soul stuff
Copies always staying rough
Before they go to plate
Try a pack, it'll stick
Stick to you but won't deflate
Keeping all the levels straight
I tell you, mate, that we're top rate
'Cause it's a DAISY age

The speak, motor
Motor is the heart beat
Sleeping in your car seat
Kept alive through every mile discovered

Complete quota
Quota sharp at 12 noon
Risen to a new tune
Positive is greater than the others

Image mirror
Mirror image don't contend
Vocals should be comprehended
Soon the audience'll say what's said

Scrimmage nearer
Nearer to the goal line
Forget about the rose vine
The Soul will let you know it's time
And it's a DAISY age

(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
(This is a DAISY age)
Sing about the DAISY age
Let it rain, let it rain
Let it rain on a DAISY, let it rain on the DAISY
Rain on, rain on (this is a DAISY age)
All y'all suckers can underst-

Now we're at the end of the show
Contestants, do you have any answers?

Um, mama

For those of you who think your answers are correct
Don, tell them where to send the answers to

Thanks Sal, for all you listeners at home
Who think you have the right answers
Jot 'em down on a four-by-ten sheet of paper
And get two proof of purchases from the back of the album
And send 'em to Tommy Boy Records in care of "Dante the Scrub"
1747 First Avenue, New York, New York 10128
For those who have all four answers correct
You will receive our specially selected grand prize
Thanks and goodnight, for 3 Feet High and Rising, this is Don Newkirk

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