De La Soul - Cool Breeze On The Rocks Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Cool Breeze On The Rocks Lyrics
Cool breeze
Rock that shit homie
Lyte as a
A-a-a-a-a-as a rock
Cool breeze
Rockin' it, rockin' it
You gotta rock it
Keep on rockin'
Rock's the best
Rockin' music
Cool breeze
The king
Of rock'n'roll
Rock, rock
This world for you
King Adrock
Rock those bells
I want
Body body rock, body body rock
You are now rockin' with the best
I put this together to
Rock the house
"I wanna"
"With you"

[AL WATTS:] Contestant number one, do you have any answers?
DOVE: Ummm... I wish my cousin Nag was here, he knows these things,
no, I'm sorry I don't.

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