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De La Soul Lyrics

Foolin' Lyrics
Who you foolin.. only foolin [x2]

Yo, I stay cousin to this, introducing Mr. Dave Banner
Scannin proper with my sight muscle
This rap shit, is just my night hustle
My J-O's to stay fearin of my G-O-D
Whether what may, meet me at the front door
See the pressure got a nigga knockin shit off his desk
Cause of the stress I stack words make cats bruise they neck tissue
Stay pertinent to the issues
Cut your tag too close, display these verses tight, virtuals
sort of like we supposed to, pantyhose raps you run
Stay (?) like black folks some (?)
mostly fakin it, to make it

I play low-key til it's time for you to know me
Stir my lime with light, drink it down slowly
Holy shit! Now look what I get
A whole string of party people wanna run in my mix
In my world they wanna fit like melanin in a tit
Jam tight, they ain't my fam alright? They ain't my people
Them niggaz screamin fam til they rank measure equal
then vote, without leavin a note, and that was all she wrote
Arranged produced my slang's obtuse
but some distort, tellin stories like Mother-the-Goose
My true fam's (??) back since with Vince Mason
We'll draw on three, leave that body for the tracin
Ultimate high, like them drugs you be lacin
Coulda stood next to me, at the top of the key
but you had to play gutter, didn't want to climb
Now you find yourself talked about in my rhyme

While you fools claim corners, we gon' claim theories
Y'all some stickball niggaz, we the World Series
Been here, just pleadin the same case
ever since we spaced about "3 Feet"
Pinchin your ears, inchin for years
but you still stuck at the mezzanine and
we at the penthouse level with the same old rugs
same old tubs, same old tables and same faults
Same crew and the same old train of thought

[Chorus: De La Soul]

My guess you need to head West (who you foolin)
Thought we'd fall for your phonyness you're (only foolin)
yourself, thought you were down - it takes more than a smile
and a couple of pounds to be crew
Man you bound to get your tail caught (who you foolin)
Spreadin yourself thin see you're (only foolin)
yourself, thinkin all you need is the wealth
You need to peep your whole circle out

Yo, since Jam Master Jay been rockin without a band
and that sister k.d. lang been sexin without a man
we brought our ultimate plan to birth
Put in work for this game, it's not a game to me
We've been furnished the props
Now we out to furnish properties we own
That's right (so) cats might know we ain't home
My throne's threatened by fiends, try to do dirt
Play Tony Randall - have that ass cleaned

Unveiled I see your exhibition, y'all need to cover that
Fatherless styles, y'all really need to mother that
Same expose, different page
but when you see me in it it's the same old Dave

Y'all silly, you're just a civili', I'm a soldier
Troopin in this path til the death won us over
So if life is a party begin, to understand
just like the DJ, we stayin to the end

[Chorus: De La Soul]

How you think you gon' get away? (who you foolin)
Changin faces on the regular you're (only foolin)
yourself, big top status, paintin your face
Who you think you really gonna fool huh?
We watch, what we got so (who you foolin)
around on my premises you're (only foolin)
you, into thinkin you can break in too
my place, and not have to face, our position

Who you foolin.. only foolin

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