De La Soul - Genesis (Intro) Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Genesis (Intro) Lyrics
Huh! I couldn't be nobody but myself, you know that
But then they all started talking
They were talking about love being gone
In my house
They said that there ain't much left to love
Well, there's always something to love if you're familiar enough to recognize it
I mean have you cried for anything lately?
And I don't mean for your friends or your bills or yourself
I mean, for this!
When do you think it's time to love something the most, child?
When it's successful? And have made everything easy for us, huh?
That ain't the time at all It's when its reached it's lowest and you don't believe in it anymore
And the world done kicked it and its tail enough that its lost itself!
Yes, that's when. When nobody cares. That's right. Nobody

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