De La Soul - Go Out And Get It Lyrics

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Go Out And Get It Lyrics
I mean the only way that you gon' get it
is to go out there and get it, y'knahmsayin?
It's like sometimes you gotta just put it all and bet the farm
You ain't gonna get it any other way, you know?
For me it's about bein better than I was yesterday, y'know
I'm sick and tired of bein sick and tired, I'm tired of losin
So I'ma bet it all, y'knahmsayin?

All hail to the check one-two
You can catch one-two at a theatre near
Where you'll find me supportin rap, like a brassiere
Not sayin if the game is tits, but you gotta admit
that the soul be the, holder of the mic device
Rhymes filled with blood and guts, the game filled with
bolts and nuts, but them shits rusty
And the trusty MC got the W-4
You can find me up in the W. Moore
I'm back on the juice with them heavy-o Chevy rhymes
Missin like crime on the deuce
We don't sit in boats and fish, we sit in studios
and quote words to serve on a dish
And the nerve that you wish you had I got bags of
And tracks are drugs that only make it worse when you're high
Listenin to the Why on the first verse named Wonder
So don't underestimate, what we create
And you'll never find us pullin up to clubs
in them long stretch whales
Or pushin inside girls with Donkey Kong stretch tails
And when all else fails, we hit 'em with the charm
that reflects like muscles on the arm
And even if crowded like food courts
We own home court advantage so we never feel alarmed

It's eighty-six y'all, put your rap on pause
More milk on the mic than them pregnant broads
Nine times out the dime it's a penny on the floor
Same penny you walk around and ignore
See I'm the penny that'll have the deal closed
Turn that point nine nine into one point oh's
A millisecond you'll be needin in the race
That photo finish I ain't even see your face
I'm that one degree that made the Pisa lean
The one goal, one job, one aim and one team
That one good push that gave birth to your dream
That one good year, that one good beer
See you can hit the lotto with hope and a buck
But with 99 cents yo' ass is outta luck
Once upon a time, it's not once it ain't happen
One pop in the air does not mean you clappin
One rap hit does not mean you be rappin
Although you bust rhymes, you ain't kill it ONE TIME~!
Never was to be in the first, just the second one
If you don't find me with mic, I'm mic checkin one
One good pinch, and one good hunch
That's just one bad apple out the New York bunch
Got ones, but I want 2's 3's and 4's
I'm that one when you got one more

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