De La Soul - Just Havin' A Ball Lyrics

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Just Havin' A Ball Lyrics
Yeah... it's De La
You know we up in here, just doin what we gotta do
This joint right here we call "Just Havin a Ball"
Just havin a ball, y'know
See my lady really don't like me when I be
sayin the things I be sayin in my rhymes but
You know I'm just havin a ball

They say Dave got it bad for these broads on tour
These thick legs, Lego and Rubix Cube
Tyco, night glow, butt-ass nude
He got Monopoly's on 'em from the Bronx to the bank
Got the battle - "He sank my Battleship!"
I put a sock on my robot and box the all night
Play the head to head, never went all pro
At the halftime performance she the halftime show
A part time sucker, I implore the game (word up)
She quick to dodge-balls, avoidin the face stain
Jack-in-the-box, nah that ain't no haps
I need that Mrs. Potato Head in my lap
In checkers and chess I do a big cut bounce
36 ounces of hula hoop hips
I'm shootin for that Duck Hunt, that Dan Quayle tail
What I gotta spell it out? I'm about to campaign
for that President Bush, damn I declare war
Bring on some of your friends, matter fact, the next whore

Alright I'm tryin to have a ball without all that girl talk
Cause my girl wouldn't like that either
So I'm I'm tryin to stay away from that
Aww f*ck it, I'm hot
Let me, let me do it, let me do it a lil' bit

Aiyyo "Gimme That," that Lil' Webbie & Bun B
I used to mash Lil' Debbie up in 1-D
Those were the days, but days don't change
So we still get it on just to keep it all the same and it's
routine to rock roll and rip shows
Across the zip codes and fold the thick loads
of information inside your earlobes
We are the high end thread for your mere clothes
Outside of the box is where you'll find us
Those who find to it, step behind us
It's not about the lead, we not tryin to be
the heir to the throne but the air that you breathe and it's
protocol for us to get at y'all
With a face filled with game
We play without the cheat codes, we don't need those to rock
Close the do' in our face, best believe we gon' knock
Let us in y'all

Yeah that's right
It's De La, that's how we do
We just have a ball everytime we have a ball
Now make sure y'all look out
for the TV series, this is part one, "The Impossible Mission"
We gon' have two and three
Aiyyo Why, part two point five, hahaha
That's how we do it y'all
Shout out to my man Maseo
Shout out to my man Prince Paul
Shout out to everybody out there, De La family
You know how we do
Just havin a ball, I just like talkin
I don't really talk too much, I'm just havin a ball
Shout out to A Tribe Called Quest, you know how we do it
Shout out to cuttin the record off~!

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