De La Soul - Let The King Ascend Lyrics

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Let The King Ascend Lyrics
[Posdnuos (Dave)]
Please subscribe to the membership, of unorthodox penmanship
25, arms in, yet the hunger and the eye still cries
Let the games begin (And the bull wins def at the matador's test)
The bully can't pull me out the S, the red cape
The Super Emcee, skateboard dunk fresh
(And the way we school) was a Jay Dee rule
to rock your hips, turn it up, and pay that nigga his chips!
(Yeah, Pay to the Jay, all day! And they say the Soul is one of the best)
to do it over a track from Dill, I'm like, "Nah, you need to study Phat Kat"
(and Slum Vill) The will of God was to give the man wings
To ascend and make music to blend, with the King of Kings

"Get ready on the right... ready on the left"

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