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Nosed Up Lyrics
And in from the door steps a dumbass struts the fool's gold
Know-it-all, and you wear it well
Funk-less in full length
Too square to stand for anything
Somebody get that man a chair

No matter where you opt to sit, the opposite-attract law don't fit
Repel even the docile
Always showing your nostrils, got em hostile
The way you're so uppity, till someone barks on ya
You get puppy feet
Quite a laugh, cause you don't know half, but act like you own a puzzle
And everyone allegedly under you, begging just to guzzle from your fountain of fresh
F*ck outta here, they rather stay clear
Roll up the papers and pass
While you turn your nose from the smell
Like Stanley on Fridays
Saying we should stay off the grass
As if the lines you sniff is more healthy
Delusions of prestige is not where the health be
B, you need to get it together
But nah, here comes you, part Frank Drebin, part Mr. Magoo
Stay stepping into trouble
Oh so [?] when you're repping for your bubble
But bubbles can get popped, exposed to reality
Watch the words that drop
There's not enough salary to cover the check
'Fore you're behind on cash
People can see you coming like 9/11 ash
Toxic till your last days
And with your shady maneuvers
No one will include you where they ass stays

Behold your royal highness of sinus
It's near 100 miles of running cause your nose needs plumbin'

Captain Nose-dive reporting for duty on the good ship Handkerchief, all aboard
And that goes for you too, Nostril-damus

He who knows nose
And from the from the rooty to the tooty he defines snooty
Somebody asked me the other day is the brother a brother
Does Kleenex wipe?
Yeah I see that

Like you got one eye on top of your third
A star is born but whose claimin' that birthright
At first sight you the well dressed Park Ave sachet
Acclimated to the scent of your own tail (the bullshit)
The same bull that rage when the buck stops
You'll be walkin' on clouds but that's a smoke machine
See your dineros can't buy bliss, you high fist then
Turn into you flippin' the bird
And every man under your wing
You build your nest egg but you was spoiled rotten
Forgotten you can get robbed of your fame
Beak out like pelicans
You relishin' the fact that you stand feet from stardom
You bargain astonishin' antiques in this modern way of livin'
So tight and not a half size forgivin', you takin' the piss
You got a butler in duplex
Them two Tecs and our God won't protect ya
Can't stay in them white gloves for too long Mr. Handyman
Canaries don't chirp in your candy land
Give them motherf*ckin' pigeons a hug

And then he strolls through the valley of dark
Nincompoop, simpleton
Stranger to his own father
Seldom down to get down

And just never stays up
Well, I'm yours son
We talkin' up there like a satellite

Species: canis lupus, unfamiliar
What's happening, dog?
You smell more like pig to me

Be careful with your nose bro
Be careful with your nose bro
Be careful with your nose bro
Be careful with your nose bro

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