De La Soul - O' Shut Up Lyrics

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O' Shut Up Lyrics
It's not fair!
Before you say so... beat is crazy

Yo, you go oodles and oodles of O's, y'know (Hola!)
You get 'em from my sister, you get 'em from my bro
All I is is man, and once an embryo
Am I solid gold? I don't cast a glow
Yes, I guess it's reflex, some have no control
I'd rather let a laughte, tally off I go
Canoeing in the river or out into the O
You just know me not, so not play the role

Some are lovey-Dovey, ah you crazy crow
Some shake your hand but this is called the Show
I was John Doe, now I'm Mr. Joliceau
Pissed with the witness, and now I adore
O's got the world cause O's was on tour
Girls gave the O's and oh my niggaz, for sure
Where they arose, well nobody knows
And what do they mean, I mean this how it goes
Oh shoot's got the O's, when you hold the dough
You know who you are but they didn't know
And now with respect they flex like a pro
You're first another nigga but NOOOOOOW....

Oodles of oodles of O's, y'know
We go oodles of oodles of O's, y'know
We go oodles of oodles of O's, y'know
We go oodles of oodles of O's, y'know - SHUT UP!!

Last of the fast Plug pipers at yo' do'
In ya eye, burning like rubbin alcoho'
Native is the Tongue that speaks the Guacomo
Kinfolk will play this in stere-ere-o
Chanters play the part of a herd of a show
Pos prints the peace on his jeans of Girbauds
But let the herd know, beef they wanna throw
Lunches of punches, is what we'll bestow
Oodles of O's enhance my "ho's" and mic checks
O's take the shape of medallions and specs
Don't forget the O's that let the air in my nose
Breathe in the fresh, stale hit the roads
Girls ask for flicks and unblock the po'
Eat the Al Greens... ("Love and Happiness")
My nigga Mase got something to say and it goes...

[Maseo scratches:]
"Oh SHIT!"

Oh, ha-ha-ha oh shit!
Wait a minute... why the f*ck am I whispering?

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