De La Soul - Poetic Greed Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Poetic Greed Lyrics
(feat. Gina Loring)

[Gina Loring:]
Greed got you thinkin you're speedin up, when you really slowing down
Got your eyes bigger than anything your arms could ever fit around
And still, you want more... always more...
Satisfaction guaranteed but never comes
Bend you backwards into believing it's your birthright to own the world
Excessive, too many cars in the garage
Bling on every finger, possessions pulling at you
Poisoned by that money mentality
Your vision ain't clear for them designer shades
Can't even see the sky, only empty space to buy
The pursuit of paper got you running so fast after that green
Drowning in things, tangled in your own tenacity
Desire for that dollar...

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