De La Soul - Relax!! Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Relax!! Lyrics
[Pos:] Alright y'all, WE HERE NOW!
(This, is, a, Supa Supa, blast blast, Supa Supa, blast blast)

[Chorus: x4]
Relax your mind, let your conscience be free
Get down girl, get down girl

(Get dowwwn!) Just another day in a lonely world
Where I like to make a lonely girl
feel a little less lonely, tell a tale where she's
my one and only, she got homegirls
who likes to do more than chat
So she asked where my homies at, I mean that song was fly
But if my homey can't have none, sayin I won't have fun
is honestly just a God damned lie~!
Self-missions are less stress, and cut out the mess
of havin a girl, verifyin if I'm lyin or not
with her girl, cause my niggaz occupyin the same spot with her
I'm like the fox with the fur well groomed
You find me in hot clubs and hotel rooms in between the sheet crack
And if the bed squeaks or noise-free, I'll put it to use
Swig from the tiger beers for the extra boost
Blow out your back like flames over the cake
Cut out a piece of your heart, for the claim
when I get you worked up to cream, and I can get on
some Snoop Dogg shit and scream, "What's my motherf*ckin name?"

[Chorus: w/ Erick Sermon ad lib samples]

Hey, we in the position to renew things
I specialize in doin me and you things
Now what's that he say she say?
We got mortgages, dump all this gossip you're hoardin
This world premier is for real ma
A catalogue of lovin you can hear ma
Put the quarter in the jukebox
I brought a bit of luggage drawers and a few socks
A little Dane Dane, and some X-Clan
I'm tryin to save you from the chores of the next man
see we can picnic, and go horseback
I love your laughter even if you sound like Horshack
You so impeccable but damn them birds peck at you
Your technique is cuttin like you catch beats
Or def these nuts cause your sex speaks
We oughta "Chill" like EPMD


(Get dowwwwn!)

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