De La Soul - Sexy Bitch Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Sexy Bitch Lyrics
Once upon a time for the minute by the shape of the hour
The unify finds divide in the power you
He talk us in and work us way in and devour you whole
We all know the power do
Damsel in distress, she's not
She lay a muzzle in a jigzaw puzzle
Meaning she's a straight shooter
Shooting straight in your vein
Leave your heart all tatted up
Own the blame
She lives by the name of a sexy bitch
The scratch to my itch, touch capability
Angelic lips, devilish hips
Manage to make a sandwich of a power utility
You feeling me?

Ey yo yo, what's up lady? what up?
Come here for me, come here
Oh, you ain't gonna stop for me? Word! Bitch!
- Should have never did that, atleast not to this one
Man that bitch wasn't even trying to holla at me
- It don't work that way, baby
I mean, I look good man. Man that ass fat
- You just can't look so dusty
- In my days you gotta be versatile, you know
Versatile, huh? So what do you suggest I do next time, old man?
- Don't even look, don't waste your time, baby

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