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Simply Lyrics
Fear through time, is left behind, when we simply, havin
A wonderful time, a beautiful time, leave the troubles you find at home
Take some time, and ease your mind, when we simply, havin
A wonderful time, a beautiful time, leave the troubles you find at home

Hey, yo last day of spring first day of the heat (heat)
I'm calling out my troops so ya'll best retreat (treat)
Tryin' to win the eyes off of Little Bo Peep
While I'm pushin' Big Bird up Seaseme Street (street)
After one nut I'm goin' straight to sleep (sleep)
If it ain't a love affair, its just a late night creep (creep)
Use Colgate when I'm brushing my teeth (teeth)
Favorite MC's Gregg Nice and Smooth B (B)
Keep it old school like "Where's the beef?" and
If you ain't from an era then you up shit's creek (creek)
First B-side is freedom of speak
If you don't speak, well I ain't losin' no sleep.
See me on the cover of your Double X-L (L)
Takin' a holiday at the hotel (tel)
Fans keep sending me back the fan mail
Heavyweights keep it on th grand scale, when we doin' it.

[Chorus: Crowd Cheering and Clapping]

Hey, yo, The sky swallowed the sun
spitted out the moon and stars
Puttin' out shiners that gave the cause
ArmorAll-ed down, the downtown activity
I'm bout to have fun without the problems that live with me
Not tryin' to be posh, but lets stay out the mosh pit
Tonight keep my nose out of trouble
Everybody in my bubble's been breifed:
Of course your gonna have some clown niggaz try to
take us off course
Always lower levels tryin' to bring out the devil in us
Not condoned but its known
That a party ain't a party if the thugs don't try to shut it down!
Tight security and its still soft
Can't offset the thirty or plus caught in the rush
Keep the door sealed
Cause the floor's filled with action and we don't need
any distractions tonight ya'll.

introduce me to your madaam ?Mauzel?
I'm Tarzan and she's my gazelle
I live at Biggs and say its notorius
Travel through minds, emotions and euphorias
Glorius (echo) as I get great (echo)
Still kinda smooth like way back in my oldschool tapes
I bring it pronto
Rep the BX like Billy Blanco

[Crowd cheering and clapping]

Treat your troubles like colds
Sweat it out, get it out
So we can get in the right mode
Let it out
No need to pull on the throttle
If I could bottle this love I wouldn't hesitate
Get it straight
Wonder why I can medicate the soul
While takin' its toll
Just for Simply (Simply!) Havin'(Havin'!)
The right record that could bring in the pull
And this must be the right run ya'll
Cause the dancefloor's full CUZ!

[Chorus to fade: Cheering, Clapping, Horns]

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