De La Soul - Squat! Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Squat! Lyrics
(feat. Mike D and Ad Rock)

"Turn that shit off man! What's wrong with you man?
You know we got a party man, get the other record!"

(Here we go..)
[from "Stix N Stonz"] ".. (Let it go!) Just one more time!"

[Mike D]
It's the M-I-K, E ohh to the D
I'm comin exquisite and V.I.P.
Tryin to spread some love like roots on a tree
Stayin true to this vision in the Y2G

Two G's got em scratchin it like the fleas
And Ad Rock got it locked like a crooked cop

[Ad Rock]
Noooooowww; it's Ad Rock, y'all remember me
The guy ya bit ya style from off the TV

I score Mmmma-Zah-Ayy's all day, my essays are felt worldwide
We like four planets on the mic
Aligned arrays retired all in the days
Game (baby-baby) too blam for these lames

[Ad Rock]
When I was nine, I played with slime
Got rhymes ga-lot, got rhymes ga-limes
I got a million like rhymes leavin ya stung
I got my own crew called the nasal tongue!

Yo take a few of these b-boys and call me in the mornin (okay)
Keep it on the crusty eye, bagel with some butterflies
Spit gritty like we in MCA's voice box
Y'all bull and my ox don't fit the mix

(Disc jock!) It be some classic material kid
(Disc jock!) Got the calm cats blowin their lid
(Disc jock!) You get plush off the rack
and buy plenty or more we got em by the stack
(Disc jock!) Got us walkin all over the world
for all the fly fellas and all the fly girls
(Disc jock!) You can't get enough when we servin this

Come on - SQUAT!

Now we'd like, to introduce to you, Ad Rock

[Ad Rock]
Ad Rock in the house you don't stop!
It's the B-E-A-S-T-I-E B-O-Y-S with the most finesse
Don't mean to be crude, don't mean to be crass
But listen Guiliani you can kiss my ass (what?)
You heard my word, now Dove you play the preacher
Get on the mic if you love all the creatures

Well yeah I got these fishes swimmin round my baracuda
Back in '82 I used to ride a street scooter
Called em cuter than pigtails, sales you keep em level, and
smack you with a shovel and break your lifestyle (owww!)
Firm on the mic since my days of a child
Got a "License +TOO+ Ill" to flash to police
The only beast I huddles with the Beastie Boys
Bringin "Noise" like P.E. to your TV

Aiyyo this beat's barefoot and knock-kneed
Stripped to the rhyme!
And every line made from scratch
Attached like stripes to shell-toes
Thin spools that hold the herb
Mike what's the word? (WORD!)

[Mike D]
It's like the ooh-la-la, ooh-ooh-la-la
Rhymin over old breaks like the Mardis Gras
Party people cross and bump they go ooh and they ahh
And Mike D and Ad Rock down with the De La

(Disc jock!) Get the people dancin for real
(Disc jock!) Theater (jock!) holdin mass appeal
(Disc jock!) You can't get enough STILL
so here's another dose for you to feel!
Put ya body in it!

Come on - SQUAT!

[Mike D]
I'm feelin good, damn good, but also confused
This stuff from hip-hop that's bein misused
It's desirin, acquirin, tryin to be like Iverson
if it means backstabbin and also conspirin

[all together]
Nowwww, the people in the front - you do the bump bump
The people in the back - they're not the whack whack
The people in the middle - come on and wiggle wiggle
And the people on the side - we can all take a ride!

In my VW I done swung an ep' or two
The rear in my hatchback y'all know I scratched that
Here to haystack, keep it rosy in the Rolls
Skiddin out to place my vote at the polls for Ad Rock

[Ad Rock]
Well I'm the the toe tapper, yes the hand clapper
From the middle school like the educated rapper
I'm known as an occupational MC
You think I lose sleep if you sleep on me?!

Its the rock solid, pilot, here to fly (ROCK!)
Reachin elevations too far for the eye (EYE!)
Miraculous beats over breaks in these packages
Seen (all over the globe) and all the types
who thinks our joints is aight, here's a swab for ya ear
(to clean out ya lobe) and listen to a few views
from two crews spittin for the art of it
We ain't takin over but damn sure takin part of it

Started it ever since we minced meat
You Sloppy Joe's went and took a bit of the corn dog
Stay there! I'ma play there (cuz they pay there)
In the big old Santa Claus bag got discs and now we out

[Beastie Boys]
Signin off, signin off, our work is done
So come on party people..
Have (have) have (have) have FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

[from "Stix N Stonz"] ".. (Let it go!) Just one more time!"

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