De La Soul - Sunshine Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

Sunshine Lyrics
(high on sunshine, lightin' my way)

and yes y'all
you are about to build witness
from the lands of Long Island
takin' you to the sky's survival
I am your captain, ain't no lie
on this endless joruney
to invisions, to brouden your outer visions
to where you never been before
it's just a one night trip to love
sun shinin' forever, and forever sun shines

yo, leaving lasting impressions like cuts to flesh
be that crew from the five one six point of view
with skills so tight, they the rhymes of a vigina
them clits will turn into a diamond, the level of rhymin'
pressure comes from lessor forms than me and my man
and we go back like life created from um, specks of sand
and there's money to be made 'cause cacaussians are paid
only brothers who rhyme, seek bounce and catch balls
Plug 1, with them rhymes makin' your heart stall
like them girls when you in they room when they man calls
it ain't nothin' but the thing Oneder Why can bring
as we come to the bring the pain everyone will sing

De La is the crew that you must hear, but please don't rush the stage
'cause even though them stakes are realy high, we're really not here to race
we're just here to move your mind and soul with propetuated ease
it's just about the show until it's time to go, and get with the young ladies

I'm on travellin' to places that the eye can't see
but kinder, cause yo' strife don't mean a thing to me
throwin' me criminal looks, y'all need to get in the books
and drop some water in your melon, 'stead of actin' like a felon
aiyo son, who you tellin'? I'd make a mil if it was up to me
but since it ain't I teach my seed to bank hard
and than God, I smoke a substance of a different kind
catch me trippin' on earth when I'm high off sunshine

down right to dirt, Oneder Why makes it work
with access to talent like cacaussins to yellow cabs
with an Arab driver
I liven parties with marvelous confiction
ain't no fricition when life claims them victims who be ??? some dried up
best believe that the life is trife
'casue the gun made a man outta pussy's from around my way
who usually wouldn't have a f*ckin' thing to say
last year's hard rocks are now petrified boulders
and L.I.'s finest is movin' yo' necks at shows
the anthem of ths guy has a place in yo' eye
so you can be blessed to see in 3d double-e


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