De La Soul - The Corner Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

The Corner Lyrics
Yeah, the 15 millionth time, 15 and 1
Check it out
Yo Com, how you rhyme to this slow shit
Yeah yeah, check it out

Yo memories of the corner, we huddled and stayed in trouble
Guzzled on 40 O-Z's and played the double and back
We doublin crack, no wonder why they fear us
We cussin cause our mommas couldn't hear us
Young lovers'll cuddle at 15 shit, they seen the struggle so
That makes him a man con-sidered he got plans but
She don't understand that this is where them fools bust at
Same corner where she go and catch the school bus at
It ain't changed a bit, we stand circle and spit bars
Cigarette butts scattered like glass shattered
and pops he play the corner 'til his day comes, DAMN~!
Ambulances on the corner but hey, now it's offi-cial
Cisco was the daze them cups of E&J
Went down and hit a warm spot even in the winter's cold
We had our snorkel and our winter playboys on
These are the corners we was sent to play boys on
Our socks is pockets, the guns is rockets
It's where the after school fight was at, brand new bikes was at
Fila suits, Kangols and new Nikes was at
Same corner is today's same yesterday

[Chorus: x2]
I wish that I cold give you this feelin
I wish that I cold give you this feelin
We was livin on them corners, had a nigga rhymin, drinkin
Whylin, potted out, livin HIGH~!

We live it real, hard, revoke your zeal
God don't come around here no mo'
So why you screamin HIS NAME in vain when the pain hits
Pick yourself up and get to a hospital quick
But leave out the bit, about what went down
I know they hound us for hawkin
Just a flesh wound, stitch it up, keep it walkin
Niggaz on the corners loyal, they ain't talkin (they ain't talkin)
Put down the sea of chalk and
The use of chalk is for lines of hopscotch
Or tracin dead bodies for crimes that got botched
For just crime commitin and it's, time to fit it
in the schedule, cause them crosstown niggaz
came to our corner sprayin that lead you pull
Ain't nuttin deeper than pilin in the car
with the streetsweeper so we can clear every star
off the corner


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