De La Soul - The Pitch Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

The Pitch Lyrics
Yo, a Nubian sprocket is the one (one)
Plug One (One), cut the cap (cap)
Forward is the marcher of the chant (chant)
To the clan (clan), unless you slept (slept)
Willy to the Wonka of the feast (feast)
Smoke your blunts, but close your drapes (drapes)
If we get fined by police (police)
Don't sweat it, yo, I got the papes (papes)
Toxic is the talk that I tell
The not be held by the lady who's fat (fat)
Chris made the dope beat but no Bo Peeps
And you can't beat that... that's a fact

He's no batter
He's no batter, batter
He's no batter
He's no batter {"Here comes the pitch"}

Swingin was that good ol' step (step)
It's Plug Dos (Dos), move ya gut
On gets by when it's kept (kept)
Three miles (miles) beats a strut
Forgivin them fools that's false (false)
I cook goose (goose) and serve a plate (plate)
Position is opposed to a loss
No cost, no relate
See Dave's got a badge of his own (own)
Because the link of the life got slack
I'ma lick her down to the Tootsie Pop
And he can't beat that... with a bat
(Can you beat that?)


Swing.. that's how we do it, De La y'all
We just ride.. and take the train, take the train
Take the train.. train
Take the train, we takin the train
Take the train, take the train

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