De La Soul - Weed #1 - Pharoahe Monch Lyrics

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Weed #1 - Pharoahe Monch Lyrics
Hey hip-hoppers, tired of that old trend of ghostwriters?
Well here's the newest sensation that's sweepin the nation!
[needle drags] [gong sounds] Ghost weed!
Ghost weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!
Hey ballers, ballettes, thugs, chickenheads!
Take a listen to how ghost weed
will help you kick it like your favorite rapper
Just a couple of hits and.. [inhales] it's GANGSTER!

Watch how we secretly sabotaged this cypher with ghost weed..

Whatever, nah.. just step back off
Let me get some
I got Pharoahe Monch, I'ma do it
Yo you gonna f*ck that shit up man
I got that kid like WHOA, I'm sayin UHH!
Yo you need to take some more son
Yo I take another hit.. [inhales]
(Ghost weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!)
Aoooowwww shiiit.. ahhh..
That's that fire shit yo!
Yo y'all gonna let me get busy and all that?
Yo, aight, I wanna.. I wanna hear you rhyme
You wanna hear me rhyme?
You might sound nice cause I'm high now but
UHH! Check my ad lib, UHH!
Yeah, aight word, yeah okay
Yeah, I'm ready, drop that beat

[Pharoahe Monch]
How many niggaz who will actually kill still rhymin?
How many niggaz who are actually signed still killin? ..
.. and when it comes to killin a mic, they ain't willin
and I'm supposed to be shook? That's the shit that kills me
Take a bullet for X in the ballroom and then vanish
Extinguish the sun when I drew, play pool with the planets
Triskadekaphobia lyrics, outlandish
My shit straight from the soul, god damnit
It's the one time only, vernacular original
Spectacular miraculous flow, computer digital
I ridicule the pitiful, piss upon the miniscule
Pharoahe Monch, better park that ass like municipal

Yo, you ripped that
You ripped that shit kid, killed it!
That was dope, that was dope
He kinda had that yo, he kinda had that
Nah man, it did not sound like Pharoahe
Hey, you need to congratulate
It was the WEED.. it was the trees
You need to congratulate, knahmsayin?
Ghost weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

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