De La Soul - What The F*ck #1 Lyrics

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What The F*ck #1 Lyrics
Aiyyo this is the "What the [BLEEP]" portion of the tape
Where we play you, exclusive songs you never ever heard before
That didn't make the album, that's why y'knahmsayin so
This one is called "De La Soul's Poster"
It was recorded during the "De La Soul is Dead" album
So you ain't gonna hear it nowhere else
Check it out yo here it go

["De La Soul's Poster":]

I was walkin down the street to meet with my sweet
I'm not a wimp, but a shrimp, by the gangsta pimp
Actually I'm a kid with a limp, for my left leg was damaged
by some girls who managed to run me over
Over the fact De La Soul was in a shopping mall
The gall of the floozies
Though kids pose with no chains or uzis
Yo they're straight up weak
Now I made it to the end of the street, what do I spot
... it made me drop my soda bop
to the beat y'all it seems my nightmare won't stop
I spot myyyyyyyyy girl and this cop
Gazin at a De La Soul poster on the side of a building
Was willing to forget it but my girl was singin
like a beaut' how cute Trugoy was
And if she was older how she'd be his boy
Was this somethin I deserved
I'm a dedicated proom, only cheated once in a blue moon
And she's ready to quit me for some face on a wall
The cop gets a call and
he had to jet, bet the more man with a holster
Now I'm quick to face the troublesome poster
Pulled out a marker that I had stashed
Figured I'd give him a blue mustache
But with a dash I received a slash
from a fist, it was my girl fist at that
I knew what I was doin would truly toast her
But didn't think she'd plug me for the De La Soul [needle drags]
[inserted track ends]

"What the, what the [BLEEP] was THAT!"

Yeah exactly y'all
Yeah that was a little out whi-whi-whiggedy-WHOA~!
But ummmmm, yeah y'know that was that early 90's flow of mine
If you want to consider it a flow
I mean I think my flow was still baking in the oven
I don't even think the oven was on
Actually I don't think it was plugged up yet but
Ummmm, let's get into something where umm
the flow's a LITTLE bit better
Some current stuff right here for ya
Aight let's do it

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