De La Soul - What The F*ck #3 Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

What The F*ck #3 Lyrics
Aight, back to the "What the [BLEEP]" portion of the tape
Umm, this song right here we recorded...
in the middle of "De La is Dead" and "3 Feet High and Rising"
Think Pos called it "De La Slow"
Enjoy it, you're only gonna hear it here
Aight, peace

["De La Slow":]

It's in
This is a "De La Slow," type groove
Al's on the board
He's tired as hell
Prince Paul is out sleep
But it's still "De La Slow"
Got a WRMS radio station, that's "De La Slow"
We got a donut shop, that's "De La Slow"
We got props, that's "De La Slow"
And I gotta kick this rhyme, that's "De La Slow"

Preacherman rocks that nobody can
So don't get mad if you don't understand
Tracks hold dirt yet no infections
Heads won't swell cause we close a flow grip
Known as the madface through my teens
Never felt blue so I still wore jeans
The mighy mic cord plays the Plug One's sword
Invert if you don't want a hurt from a cut
There's nowhere to go from the saint to the hoe
They mighta passed the bread so I have a lot of dough
So the love is the rule like my man Lenny Kravitz
But girls wanna play me with the "Oh she gotta have it"
Naughty nutrition is served like these
And with the donuts we pass the peas
Makin much dollars, grippin much jeans
Keep it undercover like a yellow submarine

Bogus, how bogus can I [farting noise]

[inserted track ends]

"What the, what the [BLEEP] was THAT!"
Yeah [toilet bowl noise]
Kinda feel, good flushin that old, De La doo doo
Let's move on to some new {shit}

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