De La Soul - What We Do (For Love) Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

What We Do (For Love) Lyrics
(feat. Slick Rick)

[Slick Rick talking with "kids"]
[Kid 1] I'm tired
[Kid 2] Me too
[Kid 1] Uncle Ricky
[SR] Hmmm?
[Kid 1] Could you tell us a bedtime story, like you used to?
[SR] Look, don't y'all think y'all too old for that now?
[Kids] No
[SR] Listen, I got an adult question for y'all since y'all
like...11 now. Y'all ever get horny?
[Kid 1] Uncle Ricky!
[SR] Now I don't mean to sound perverted, but do you ever
have like sexual urges?
Kids - No!
[SR] No? Well you will, so sit your behind down and listen to
Uncle Ricky...and De La...tell y'all a grown up story
[Kids] Okay

I remember when Mama spoke of the birds and
The east side kept me off the curb and
Betsy Ross was sufferin from the scaredy cat
Till my man Ricky brought the remedy for that

[Slick Rick]
I massage your mane, coat
Then part your leg's rope
And stroke so hard you'll start to smell smoke

Ain't gotta drug problem but a love problem
But then again that may be one in the same
I claim possession
Pull the girl among the eighth like Charlie Heston
Ride off on the horse and show no remorse

[Slick Rick]
She look niiice
Honey oriental, brown eyes
Want friiiies?
Chicken, vegetable, fried rice
And I'm tryin to [get] you to go
Fast subtraction, grab some
"Oh don't stop nasty black man"

Man that action had me coughin up cars, keys, and cash
Just to sniff a fat rabbit I would give my very last

[Chorus (Slick Rick)]
(When nature calls)
You know them boys will come runnin
(When nature calls)
You know them girls don't mind comin
(When nature calls)
You know them boys will come runnin
(When nature calls)
You know them girls don't mind comin
Just to get it started, for startin something
Is what we do to get some lovin
What we do to get some lovin
This what we do for love (do for love)
This what we do for love (for love)
This what we do for love

You ain't lyin, I
I 9-5 it, more like 12-12
Can't get the thought off (sex)
From off my mental shelf

[Slick Rick]
I'm like Bruce Lee
Beatin up the cootchie profusely
My tomboy chicks that act a little to butchy
Recieve this (uh)
When my semen ceases
They'll be screamin out, "We love bein the female species"

[Phone dialing]
Veronica, it's Dove.
Uh, I think you got the wrong number
Veronica, your baby's crying.
Yo, chill
Whatever yo, later.

For the past two summers I been sizin up Veronica
Southern belle, I heard she blow notes like a harmonica
Yamacas couldn't satisfy her spendin fetishes
She was all about gettin the head like she was lettuces

Yah, them types be actin like they ain't sleazy

[Slick Rick]
Like this uptown chick playin opposite of easy
Delighted, the honey fly difficult, couldn't knife it
Seen the imprint on honey's private
Now she's love sick
Ruler Rick scoress agaaaaain

Sex present itself like trophies I'm out to win
And it's easier to claim with the fame I've obtained
Her mommy was a liar, she's so ashamed


[Slick Rick]
Well, I got this rude boy Jamaican honey at the rest home
Complete with yellow hair and Cinderella dress on
Been around, stuck her till she poppin bout
"Hey take your blood clot finger off me bottom"
Anyway, another dime I met one time
I'm kiiind, chick in the world, butt fine
And her, structure pumpin, told her
Gotcha mumblin bout
"Slow down, what you tryin to rupture somethin?"

I don't bug out, I chill
Never copped a feel
But these pretty ass girls come and flaunt in the grill
Big ass eyes, with the matchin big ass thighs
Asked her if she spare a moment to exchange some lies
"But you got a girlfriend"

[Slick Rick]
Yah trick, so do you
And I heard there's no preference in what gender ya do

So stop playin so squeaky clean
And let the dirty side see me later
So we can play 'away from the navy'

So stuck on the love you rearranging behaviors
Second episode, and you returnin oral favors
Buyin up groceries
Searchin for hosiery
Holdin hands publicy
And now you supposed to be
Mr. and Mrs. huh, lovin and kisses huh?
But while you away is when the milkman'll visit her
Dear to the heart, we dearly depart the fallen
So skip the games ma, I stay tuned to the calling

[Chorus x3]

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