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Who Lyrics
[Redman (Posdnuos)]
Party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled
Get your ass up, and let's get ill
(Aiyyo get ya ass up and let's get ill!) {"Hold it now!"}
That's right y'all, we more than rough, we callin your bluff
And when it comes to rhymes... (Brick City)

Yo, don't scandalize mine
I spent too much time
Straight talk with the catch to etch my line walk
Fetchin for crime, halt! Who goes there?

Yo, it's the squeeze of five fingers, puffin Smokey the Bear
Shinin black like Darth Vader caps, they on stare

While we rockin it, I'll rock in it
Like the little ball inside the spray can
Providing three coats for both child, woman and man

[Chorus 1: Dave, Pos]
God bless them all, lay these Streets Wall to Wall
We go - oooh, {OWW!}, {"World...Famous"}
Yo, you got popped like a flick by that rivalry click
It went - {Oh my gosh...}

It ain't my fault your ass is on the asphalt
Got your chin touched by my fam who though you brought harm, you see
We outted out like a glass of tea
Better yet, oatmeal cooks, y'all just ROOKS to me
Slidin' up and down the court, but I don't think you can D
Why try? Maseo been sky high since Luke was Luke Skywalk'
My topic of talk is sheddin shame all over your game
It's life~! Afrocentric lovin was the past drug
A life filled with (WOO) that's what thug's love
Shoot fast, ass
Drug of your choice man, it muffles your voice, man

Now when I'm swimmin through the joint, I put the funk on hold
If you don't, you'll see the bubbles come up
We run up a tab and gladly add a little extra for miss
Flashy faces with bigger lips for that ass to kiss

Most crews are post-current while we're forever
Direct beats that's contagious, (loved by all ages!)
Graduated from the you-and-I-versity
of hard-hitters, for real

[Chorus 2: Dave, Pos]
I got peoples in the streets that'll blast your ass for this beat
And go - oooh, {OWW!} {"Yo, that's fat!"}
Yo, if you a big girl gettin your love between sheets
Go - oooh, {oooh!}
Put your hands opposite to the ground if you're lovin our sound
And go - oooh, oooh, oooh, oooooooh!

{"How do I work this??"}
Uh, Marvin? {"Ooooh!"}

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