De La Soul - You Got It Lyrics

De La Soul Lyrics

You Got It Lyrics
(feat. Butta Verses)

[x4:] {"You got it"}
{"I know you got.."}

The right to remain silent
Anything you say can be used
Chopped up, stretched and fused, with other shit to get
The desired effect to win, let us begin

[x4:] {"You got it"}
{"I know you got.."}

Yeahs my mellow, we glow like snow yellow
Byprints anticipate, smiley face prints in it
{"You got") The nerve to spit flows, eyes closed
You're out of your lane, I'm runnin with my windows tinted
{"You got") A closed mind with locks on the gate
{"You got") A bag of life filled with dead weight
{"You got") Your priorities mixed up, we fixed up
Bobbity throwings burn MC's date

[x4:] {"You got it"}
{"I know you got.."}

[Butta Verses]
Toucan Sam, what you spittin isn't written
Like last month's baby clothes, it ain't fittin
{"You got") To upgrade to the top fades
Bringin big body ink sticks, bottom of the page
{"You got") To step in a little hotter these days
{"You got") Swampfoot, I heard it started in the 'Glades
{"You got") Two of the best and one of the newest
Who stay mile high with a stewardess doin it

{"You got it") [Pos] You know I got it

{"I know you got.."}

A degree in braggin, an art to bag
Any lady to get her back to the room
{"You got") A wife at home with a knife that long cuts
For cuttin up I'm in the emergency room
{"You got") Styles in place, Long Island bass
{"You got") A major tour all over the place
{"You got") The knack to keep those who lack
out of the mainframe of the game, you know what they say

[x4]{"You got it"}
{"I know you got.."}

[Verses: Butta]
TROUBLE! Take that chance to make double
Can't knock the hustle but scoped you like the Hubble
{"You got") Pulled over on I-95
Flashlights right in your eyes, step outside
{"You got") Weed in your tray and coke in yo' trunk
{"You got") Nowhere to run he opened it up
{"You got") A lot of regret, caught can't jet
Got a five year sentence, ain't finished two yet

{"You got") Time money and work, to do it everytime
I'm workin money here since I'm give in no time
{"You got") Crime niggaz who designin my commitments
See I honor this my niggaz I committed no crime
{"You got") Good credit and plans for next year
{"You got") Drunk once on the Grey Goose and beer
{"You got") Dry flows that got you sippin on these daquiris
I'm sayin what exactly your ears wanna hear

{"You got it") [Pos] I know you got it

{"I know you got.."}

The aches and pains for cravin for some De La Soul shit
To whip yo' ass back into shape
{"You got") To hold tight, the album soon come
For now, take a bite from out of this mixtape
{"You got") To cop this so pay the fee
{"You got") Soul cause you're listenin to the 3 MC's
Rock the Kangol and Kwelis
But don't break this break [scratch:] "break, down"

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