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From the Album The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2 (2012) (buy at amazon.com)

Killing The Dragon
The Eyes
Along Comes A Spider
Better In The Dark
Fever Dreams
Feed My Head
Hunter Of The Heart
One More For The Road
Lord Of The Last Day
As Long As It's Not About Love
This Is Your Life
Metal Will Never Die
Prisoner of Paradise

From the Album Holy Diver Live (2006) (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album Master Of The Moon (2004) (buy at amazon.com)
Master Of The Moon

From the Album Killing The Dragon (2002) (buy at amazon.com)
Killing The Dragon

From the Album Magica (2000) (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album Inferno: Last In Live (1998) (buy at amazon.com)
Inferno: Last In Live

From the Album Angry Machines (1996) (buy at amazon.com)
Angry Machines

From the Album Strange Highways (1994) (buy at amazon.com)
Strange Highways

From the Album Diamonds - The Best Of Dio (1992) (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album Lock Up The Wolves (1990) (buy at amazon.com)
Lock Up The Wolves

From the Album Dream Evil (1987) (buy at amazon.com)
Dream Evil

From the Album Intermission (1986) (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album The Dio E.P. (1986) (buy at amazon.com)
The Dio E.P.

From the Album Sacred Heart (1985) (buy at amazon.com)
Sacred Heart

From the Album The Last In Line (1984) (buy at amazon.com)
The Last In Line

From the Album Holy Diver (1983) (buy at amazon.com)
Holy Diver

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Dream On

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