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Foolish (Remix) Lyrics
[Intro: DJ Khaled]
I do this for this the hood, this the remix, the Shawty Lo Foolish remix We Global now We Global now let's go

[Verse 1: Shawty Lo]
Way across the room steady trappin, like a movie ay what's happenin, what u doin lo I'm just laughin, how u laughin like ha-ha-ha, and I'm at the palace I fly right by, yea ya G-5 I fly ah close ya lids and dot ya eyes I'm a real bankhead man that's no lie yea yea I done said before I'm a real d-boy ya can't be me fo yea I'm like nah nah laughin at ya suckas like ha-ha-ha!

[Verse 2: Birdman]
100, flyin down Martin Luther King in my new machine, u see my toomps u kno I'm out gettin green, ya kno the bling the red bling money team, we stay fly blow a stack on some new jeans, we stay foolish and I do it, yea I get the money bought momma some new shit, the sun shine, declared on big whips, a hunned carets stunna I'm so hood rich, A-town hustla straight outta bankhead uptown gangsta kno how to get paid old daddy did it big in his days, my young niggas dey blast dem AK's.


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Fly down south then nigga u stupid, numbah one on billboard I top Snoop shit, I kno some things baby you ain't cool with, BABY, BABY boss dey say I'm ruthless, feeling like I'm bulletproof, that's what you finna do, me I got a lot keys so I let the camels swoop, stay gd-up, weak thugs me too nigga I need love, boss let the chevy float yea dey love me cali love, westside yea I'm bout it, oh nigga TRILLA, TRILLA YEA WE STACKIN UP, my thug niggas drug dealers we out here stackin up BOSS!

[Verse 4: Jim Jones]
It don't matter we still livin lavish, OOPS I drop the top I must have been embrassed my bad, in ten cars, some in different language, do my chores and hit tha doos cause I get the vanguage, I'm a g heavy out faster, my hands out, watch out, heavy out backsplash, festival the cream was in Alaska, BIG UPS TO ALL MY TRAPPERS, gettin haevy in a new ride I act a fool by the poolside that's how I do hide, doin my time and we don't do the lines, times that by 4, it must be 2 sides.
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