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Gangsta Shit Lyrics
[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
Now I ain't really got time for the he say, she say yellin ova tracks like a motherf*ckin DJ
Dey beggin for attention I'm beggin for a reason, masked up get these straps yeh it's unseasoned
These niggas broke they joke, laugh at you niggas sit back and smoke(Ha-Ha) gangsta shit duffle bag full of bricks
Add it all up save for the chips, HOLY GUACOMOLE! datz a whole lot dip, 12 months
Run that's a whole lot of flips, well bury ya today datz a whole lot of trips, say he got six chevys now that's a whole lot of whips
(What's up)

Gangsta shit gangsta shit the way I do my thang gansta shit gangsta shit I'm just a young ghetto nigga with a big azz chain

[Verse 2: Slick Pulla]
You recreate a shield you betta respect us, betta understand the game, these checks
Not checkers, two chunked out chains we call dem double deckers, you comin for that saint nigga we bound to wreck ya
My niggas add flavor to the game like zeteran, bitch my 25th tool I'm a concrete veteran
We eat wheat niggas up like corn on the cob, you a hustla, naw don't quit ya day job!

[Verse 3: Blood Raw]
Errbody claim reson errbody kno the game, I call dem trap actors half the niggas lame, but on the real shit
Felons still tow the heap, real thug bread O.G. like Bun B, Jeezy from the hood, Slick from the gutta, we to real ova here to fall out like Cash Money brothers
Naked boy smith, ran for Evan Smith, Ross facin life and that's rich now that's Gangsta Shit!


[Verse 4: Bun B]
Cali gon cali ridin tall in his saddle, pullin up low and with that choppa I'm ready for battle, it's gangstas from San Francisco and up to Seattle
We ain't with all that snitchin shit so mane go and get tattle, I'm a dirty south legend and thou shall honor the team from the land of the longhard
Where we home sellin D, get that dirt weed local, not the indo ship, not to mention the gallons of promenthezine that we sip
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