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It Ain't Over Til It's Over Lyrics
I said we the best at making this green
I swear Moutain Dew ain't got nothing on my team
F is for the family that's holding me down
I think niggas know who run this town
A is for the action I'm all about
Blow a nigga head off kill all the doubt
B is for the big boy with the grown money
And bad bitches who ain't gotta spend their own money
Shots of 'Tron at like 4 in the morn'
It ain't over til it's over, Loso I'm gone

[Mary J. Blige:]
Take my last call, don't hold your breath
Everyday make something outta nothing
Move a mountain and still keep running
Never come down, make no mistakes

They can say they do and my eyes on the horizon
[?] All I see is the sun shining

Just when I thought I say all that I can say
I get the last word, It ain't over till it's over
Just when I thought I did all there was to do
I give my best to you
It ain't over til it's over

I smoke weed, you sip on lean
People always sayin' what the hell does that mean
J is for the Justice I did to the game
Lot of these niggas that's on is lame
A is for the way I airs 'em out
Coupes by the two's I pairs 'em out
D's for the dope that a nigga still pumpin'
12 hour shifts got the spot still jumpin'
Rockin on til the block is gone
38′ is snub nose but the choppers long

[Mary J. Blige:]
And everything takes time so they say
Been on my side everyday
Every second gone is another way to come up
Twists and turns I can take

[Chorus: Mary J. Blige]
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