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Out Here Grindin Lyrics
[DJ Khaled (Akon):]
DJ Khaled! We the Best Season has returned! (Cause I'm out here grindin)
I do this for the streets, The Runners! (Cause I'm out here grindin)

[Chorus: Akon]
I don't care what nobody say, I'm a be me (be me)
Stay hood, stay raised on the streets (cause I'm out here grindin)
Niggaz talk about greatness whenever they speak about me
(Cause I'm out here grindin)
I ain't splittin nuttin with nobody
Homey I gotta get me me (cause I'm out here grindin)
I ain't slippin eight days
I can go for eight weeks ain't nuttin to me, cause I am the streets

[Rick Ross: slightly overlaps Chorus]
Ricky Ross, a.k.a. Moneybags, feel me
Put my life on the line, but I'm likely to grind
I'm on top of the game, f*ck if you like it or not
That's how I get the freaks, strawberry Swisher sweets
You'll be dealin with H, when you dealin with G's
Smash it deal with the realest, shoppin like it's still December
Diplomat on the fender of the Phantom I'm the winner (winner)
I do it for the hood (hood) I do it cause you cain't (cain't)
Your suckers wish you could, Ricky Ross is in the paint

[Young Jeezy:]
Ahh~! Guess who? Guess what?
Under investigation - so what?
Come through, do's up
You lil' cooler baller, watch you freeze up
Look ma, got a new car
Should be proud of your son, he a trap star
It doesn't matter you expense it that's what [? ] told me
Can't let nobody say I got a hundred on cocaine


[Lil Boosie (Khaled):]
Look W-E T-H-E B-E-S-T DJ Khaled (WE THE BEST!)
W-E T-H-E B-E-S-T (DJ Khaled, that's me!)
Hey W-E T-H-E B-E-S-T DJ Khaled (WE THE BEST!)
W-E T-H-E B-E-S-T (DJ Khaled, that's me!)
I wake up to get my cake up, I'm out to grind
What can I say I'm a product of my environ'
Uh-oh, I'm in the game, watch me do me
Kickin these niggaz Khaled man call that Bruce Lee
Summer winter spring I can't forget the fall
I still remain a dog, a diabetic and all
All I want is my paper, I don't care what they say
And stick they tongue out when they bow they head, cause WE THE BEST

[Trick Daddy:]
(Hey!) You niggaz fly, before you was just maggots
I'm the shit bitch, because I'm black flaggin
Yes sir, the DR the new sqaud
You niggaz mod and squad, we go hard
They like oh God, there go T-Double
He got his click and his brothers, I know it's gon' be trouble
Dark boys on the black Jags, see in them black masks
Now they can't stand my black ass


[Ace Hood:]
Hey knock knock! Yeah I'm knockin on the bank do'
Three hundred million dollars and I'm droppin off the cash flow
See ye ain't heard I hit a lick, now my money right
Spend it on the U-Haul, dippin on the turnpike
Call up my dogs (dogs) brag on my face (face)
Bodies gon' fall (fall) tell em it's Ace (Ace)
If I catch a charge nigga I'm a flee the state
Hit my niggaz L.A. Reid and Khaled watch me beat the case

Hey feds! Heard you're bringin my name up
Know you want me bad, thank I give a f*ck? (Thank I give a f*ck?)
Better indict me now before my price go up (up)
Came in the world thuggin, leavin with big nuts (nuts)
Yeah I run with killers homey, so what?
What you want me to tell you, I sold a lil dust?
Send your informant, I bet he leave bust
I ain't scared to go, I believe in Je-sus

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