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Rep My City Lyrics
[Verse 1: Pitbull]
This for those that chose to sleep on Pits
Not knowing I had a plan for every letter in the alphabitch
My life's been diarrea boy I've been through some shit
Turned it all around and now my bank account is oh shit
Could have took the coke route, heroin boy dope route
Chevy gets dressed up, choppa's get chocked out
AK Quatro Siete dale mete machete
Perico's been a part of my life since I was chupando tete
I went from buildings with dope holes and boys with gold fronts
To f*cking dope hoes and houses with beach fronts
I hit a lick yeah motherf*cker my life changed
But chico won't change, I'm forever Dade
Invest in my future so I'm forever paid
I don't play games f*ck boy I ain't EA
Go ahead and hate me til I'm dead in the ground
I'm D-A-D-E Dade county

[Chorus: Jarvis]
I'm all in and I rep my city till I die
As long as I'm thinking and breathing I'm gon ride
On the east to the west side
Kept it 100 so I'm good for life
Give a damn what a hater gotta say
Make it this far I'm a do it my way
I'm a do it my way, do it my way
Give a damn what a hater gotta say

I rep my city, rep my city
Rep my city, rep my city
Rep yo city, rep yo city
Rep yo city, rep yo city

[Verse 2: Pitbull]
Miami's red cross when they need me I'm there
I'm from the era when there was gang wars at the Youth Fair
I'm ten years ahead of the game, I know it ain't fair
Used to go to Santa's Enchanted just to pull on Santa's beard
Sat on Santa's lap and showed him some crack

And told him for Christmas all I want is coke that comes back
Something about a 75k a show,
Next year it will be 300 per show yeah fo sho
Pits always had it on lock
I'm from the bottom bitch ya'll can keep a f*cking top
My dog [? ] bout to jump out [? ]
Look at the way that Chico been running the crib
From rocking stages with uncle Al Virginia key
To rocking sold out crowds at MSG
And I ain't from New York I'm a Dade county representer
Dat right fo sho let's ride

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