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She's Fine Lyrics
Shes blazin up
Shes blazin up the gucci man it is from the wildy F***
Beacouse the side and up u too t bae I guess beacouse the
Wildy tup
Beacouse shes blazin up
Shes blazin up the gucci man and it's from the side and up

Beacouse the side and up she a man uh a wanton fire shes blazin up

[Verse: Missy Elliott]
Missy be the shigady
U bomb digady
I can take your man shawty
That's foshigady
I make allot migady
Money ain't a biggady
I make ya so sik of me
I make history like KHALED make a movie
It's yours truly I'll send g'd like a purpo d
Spend the new g's
On the bag and the shoes see the gucci gucci
The fendy and the look on me
I got a groopie that wanna do me
I got a hotter chingalling a taste ov oochi
Oouchi wallin baby
U got a probleme baby go get me baby
F***in with da hottest baby
U got your boys then I lok em on me eh eh eh
Id rather spend a ching-aling on it eh eh eh
Id rather spend a ching-aling on it

[Chorus: Sean Paul]

[Verse: Sean Paul]
Become in love dem ott gurls
Duffle man dey bring da gi and da vaga in 2 my world
Sport center to the F*** gurls
Cenemar left dem out now dey cum out on my word
So I'm dickin on my ladies
So every women out dere start likin me apres dis
So wen I get to say dis
Every boy named K-a-led to da k space
Out my wife to uh dingin apred dis
Duffle man out ther wish I'm not ladies
Wen I'm at the bar man champagne outrageous
Stick your body out in my sister mercedes
Blazin ooh man your energeny is outsa
Blazin ohh man stick your body outa
On my need on energy on us
Streight upon the lies the busta mere putsa

[Chorus: Sean Paul]

[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
I don't giv u non
Knock on would
I'm a mutha F***in freek
And yo ass look good
And I giv it too u good
Until the day we through
Heard u a freek ya me too
O I'll monkey F***
In a way u never heard of
Chokin with my tung
I'm a peal or a pearl
My little mama open
And there ain't no denyin
Shawty gobblin up my meat
And I will nigga drive
U got enough to eat
Well heres a sip of aquafina
Mouth so pretty
With lips like angelina
I ain't neva seen a chik
Look like such a winner
Shawty got an extra bite
She got a little foreign in
Her house
She give it to me wen we had to
Do it do it
She was makin funny noises like
Ouit ouit
She was lookin at me funny
And I know I wasn't buggin
Shawty giv the kinda sounds like I was dik
And now it's rushin OOOO
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