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Suffering From Success Lyrics
[Intro: Future & DJ Khaled]
The price of fame, shit real
F*ck fame, (man f*ck this shit)
F*ck the game
DJ Khaled

[Hook: Future]
Got too many racks on me, I can't even go to sleep
[?], I'mma need to see I.D. (I don't trust you)
I'm sufferin'
I'm sufferin' from success
I'm sufferin'

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Ace Hood
F*ck this money nigga, f*ck this chain
F*ck my watch, you can have that ring
Keep my whips, you can have that fame
So stressed out, I'm going insane
Young nigga can't even sleep at night
All this money I done seen in life
More cash bring more haters
F*ck around and went and bought a chopper twice
Cause I'm paranoid, and I bury boy
If he playin' with mine, then it's oh lord
Please don't make a nigga do that
Please don't make a nigga do that
You don't know what the f*ck I been through
Plus my lawyer texting me too, boy my baby momma be trippin'
Talking bout child support, I can't do it
I don't trust nobody but God, all these foreign's parked in my yard
Swear last night I swimmed in that money, then woke up in a million dollar car
Boy I'm too stressed, so blessed
Please somebody pray for me, I'm suffering from success
Lord, have mercy


[Verse 2: Future]
My momma told me when I was a little bity boy, I was blessed
Nigga f*ck that car
F*ck these ho's
F*ck these millions
F*ck your feelings
I'm sufferin, I'm sufferin
F*ck this house, f*ck this condo
F*ck these models, f*ck these bottles
I'm sufferin', I'm sufferin'

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