DJ Khaled - We Takin' Over (Remix) Lyrics

DJ Khaled Lyrics

We Takin' Over (Remix) Lyrics
D-DJ Khaled!
D-DJ Khaled!
And Kells!
D-DJ Khaled!

Oh, oh

D-DJ Khaled!
And Kells!

Konvict Music, yeah

[R. Kelly:]

It's the remix!

[DJ Khaled:]

[R. Kelly:]
All dressed up, ready to go
All shined up ready to glow
Drop that top, ready to roll
Up in the club, ready to hoe
Gimme that mic, and I'm ready to flow
Kells taking off a bitch for sure
F*ck champagne, ready for patron
Fire that purple up ready to blow
I'm gonna tell you like it is young fella
Stay in place blowing b young fella
Singin' ain't all I do young fella
So keep it movin' right along young fella
Don't don't get mad 'cause 'cause 'cause Kells got girls showin' him much much air
Akon tell 'em how we go and tell

[Chorus (Akon):]
'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time (we're taking over)
Said we takin' over, one city at a time (city at a time yeah)
Said we takin' over, one city at a time (ooh ooh)
Said we takin' over, one city at a time

[DJ Khaled:]

It used to be me, eight-five-0, Ridge Road and five hundred dollars
Y-y-y-y-yes C-S we be the best with dress to impress with the Sean John collar
Holla at me made bad man coming
Fire come out shaking and running
Coming, popping, push it to the limit all we see to the top of,
Dump it! (ha)
Bad man and I'm the number one shotta
Test, the best, get your whole block shotta
This is why we hot get you all block cutter like
Ha, ha, ha
I'm the man right now homie wait your turn
You can't buy the shit that I earn
Trust me, you don't wanna feel the burn
Like hey, hey, hey, hey

[[Chorus (Akon, R. Kelly ad-libs)]

[Lil' Kim:]
Yeah! DJ Khaled
You already know what it is sat it
Cause it's the remix!
We takin' over! The raise over
Okay, what that do bitch!

[Lil' Kim:]
I got what you need, Kim give it to you real
The highs and the lows, how ever you wanna feel
You want that night out, I got that Niquil
You want that matrix, you choose the right pill
F*ck you think I do the shit for my health
Same cause in the week, I ain't seen my wealth
On the low, I keep the bankroll like fresh
cocktail dress by John Calliano
In the restaurant owned by Italians
I'm a boss bitch my last name should be Soprano
Switching up the phones so the boys can't follow
They tryna lead me to the old address
I left the "no 2" and they been back since
I'm in a new state, a new place
With new plates, shit damn near a new face
So by the time they tryna build them a new case
I'm gone like yesterday
What! What!

[[Chorus (Akon, R. Kelly ad-libs)]


[Young Jeezy:]
Look, I am the streets
Real nigga's sittin' that's word I meet you
She like my wrist so she follow the rainbow
Now I'm switchin' lanes she tryna follow the lambo
Can't keep up best follow Range Rov'
But be cool 'cause my goons in there
And a couple of guns, and a couple of clips
And a couple of K's, and a couple of bricks
And then I throwing in the partner what the f*ck that cook like
Mark Jacobs solo what the f*ck I look like
Hey, this the remix ain't it
Just got the new 'rari and I just might paint it
Just got the new plane and I just might fly it
Just left Lennix Mall and I just might buy it
Stay strap nigga don't even try it
Pockets so fat I need a go on a diet, haha!

[[Chorus (Akon, R. Kelly ad-libs)]

[DJ Khaled:]
Remix! Listen!
Gyeah, it's the DJ Khaled the Don Dolla
Big Dogg, Pitbull, Terror Squadian,
A.k.a the beat Novacaine
A.k.a "We The Best"
Danger on this track
Marcelo what it does
This is the remix!
We the best!
God loves me
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