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Streets Info:

• "Streets" is a song by American singer and rapper Doja Cat for her second album Hot Pink (2019).

•It gained its namesake from the song which is sampled throughout the track, "Streets Is Callin", by B2K from their soundtrack album You Got Served (2003).

• Lyrically, Doja Cat sings about her woes from a previously failed relationship in the first verse, before detailing her reasons on coming back to her partner in the second verse.

• Worldwide, "Streets" debuted on the Billboard Global 200 chart for the first time at number 126 on the issue dated January 23, 2021, before moving up to number 32 in its second week charting. In its third week of charting, it rose to number 16 becoming her highest charting solo song on this chart.

From the Album:
Hot Pink

January 29, 2021



Amala Zandile Dlamini, Darius Logan, Dominique Logan, David Sprecher, Lydia Asrat, Theron Otis Feemster, Christopher Jefferies, Demarie Sheki

Blaq Tuxedo

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