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Donell Jones Lyrics

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From the Album Forever (2013) (buy at

I Miss The King

From the Album Lyrics (2010) (buy at

The World Is Yours
Your Place
Love Like This
Imagine That
Back Door
All About The Sex
What's Next
You Can Burn
The Finer Things In Life
Just A Little
Oh How I Wonder

From the Album The Lost Files (2009) (buy at


From the Album Journey Of A Gemini (2006) (buy at

Special Girl
Better Start Talking
I'm Gonna Be
My Apology
Spend The Night
Portrait Of A Woman
Ooh Na Na
Feelin' You
Can't Wait
Lust Or Love
If You Want
Cuttin' Me Off
Another Life
I'm Gonna Be (Remix)
Hands On You (International Bonus Track)
Apple Pie (U.S. Bonus Track)

From the Album Life Goes On (2002) (buy at

Put Me Down
You Know That I Love You
Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) Part 2
Do You Wanna
Life Goes On
Freakin' You
Gotta Get Her (Outta My Head)
Guilty By Suspicion
Don't Leave
Come Back
I Hope It's You

From the Album Where I Wanna Be (1999) (buy at

U Know What's Up
Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
Where I Wanna Be
Have You Seen Her
This Luv
All Her Love
It's Alright
Think About It (Don't Call My Crib)
He Won't Hurt You
I Wanna Luv You
When I Was Down
U Know What's Up (Remix)

From the Album My Heart (1996) (buy at

In The Hood (Playas Version)
Knocks Me Off My Feet
No Interruptions
Waiting On You
I Want You To Know
My Heart
Wish You Were Here
All About You
You Should Know
Natural Thang
Believe In Me
In The Hood (Remix)
Don't Cry
The Only One You Need

Other Songs:
Cool On You
Do It All
Do What I Gotta Do (From "Shaft" Soundtrack)
Girl's Friend
I'll Go (From "Love & Basketball" Soundtrack)
Knock Me Off My Feet (Remix)
Lovin' You
Put Me Down (Remix)
September Love
U Didn't
U Know What'S Up (Rap Remix)
U Make Me Say
U Make Me Say (Remix)

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