Downhere - Breathing In Lyrics

Downhere Lyrics

Breathing In Lyrics
Death is no conflict,
for those who do belong,
The very last life breath,
starts a brand new song-
Promised to find,
what I've been looking for,
I guess then we will meet
right at Heaven's door...

As I wander the streets of gold
Talk to all the friends I've known
We'll go adore the Master King,
Then only then I'll be breathing in.

For me to live is Christ,
and to die is gain,
When I leave this earth,
I'm not coming back again
So I wear this life like a dirty coat,
Give up my tattered threads
when I cross the moat.


Life has no conflict,
for those who do belong,
This very moment can start whole new songs
When I pass through; die, as we all shall do,
I'm going to fall at the feet of the one who created me and you

Only peace, no disease, no more rain,
no more pain,
No more tears, no more fears?
Breathing in.
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