Downhere - Coming Back Home Lyrics

Downhere Lyrics

Coming Back Home Lyrics
After the longest exile
Trying to make it on my own
aching for my home

I've been astray for much too long
Knowing I've done you so much wrong
just makes me feel that much more alone
But in my sadness I hear you calling

So I'm coming back home to build what I tore down
left my world in shambles
Only this time I'll let you wear the crown
Oh Woah
coming back home to build what I tore down
You won't fail me
You won't let me down

I've been afraid of what I'll find
I open the door to what's inside
I'm back but all's not right
'Cause there is still a mess to clean up
There are wars to fight and be freed up
But if you're there with me I will have no reason to fear


Into Your arms this wayard son is

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