Downhere - Raincoat Lyrics

Downhere Lyrics

Raincoat Lyrics
I'm looking for a friend to hold the door
It's cold outside when I don't know
where to find
A sheltered place secluded from the race
Of this old life

And as I walked out in the downpour
with no raincoat
I was soaked down to the bone
from head to toe
Without my raincoat, anywhere I may go
I still get wet somehow
I found that friend,
He's with me till the end
He's promised me that
he won't forsake His own
And when a promise never ends
It can only mean one thing...
it's from above

Now I walk out in the downpour
with my raincoat
And after all is said and done,
He's still the One
With my raincoat, anywhere I may go
I know I'm all right
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