Drake - The Game's Infiltrator (Intro) Lyrics

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The Game's Infiltrator (Intro) Lyrics
(Let's go... Well alright... Well alright... yo)

Look uhn, feelin sorry for the runner-up
I'm still awake gettin money when the sun is up
And they keep sayin how they need me to deliver
Cause they hate it when them rookie starters can put the numbers up.
Man haters' so passe catch me in a tie or a suit on Draft day nigga
And it's just me and my money.
You don't even get to play when y'all are leadin by 20.
Yeah. I infiltrated the game.
I was hesitant at first then feared what it would change.
Now I'm high off the success and faded off of the fame
And still I managed to keep all of my opinions the same.
Man I am so far gone, bitch I'm outta here
Hotter than standin inside rockin outter-ware
I want it all man, I never learned how to share
I also can no longer converse with you, thousand-aires.
Wow! I swear I'm killin shit. I'm killin shit.
Shoutout to the niggas I just made a couple million with. Yeah.
From the beginning to the end, no I'm into makin history not into makin friends muthaf*cka, I...
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