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To The Floor Lyrics
[Chorus: Lloyd]
Girl, do whatever you like it's your world
Oh girl, tonight it's on me
Baby tell me what you want

[Rap: Rich Boy]
Me in the zone, gon' a patron
In a club, in a club, playin her song
That's when I slowly approach
She like daddy what you no.
Told the girl (on my drink)
Then she drop it down low

To the floor, to the floor
She took it to the floor

Ok, Ok, Sittin' in a owners box
Or in the Caribbean twitin' off Corona tops
I'm sittin' down hittin' half [? ]
B*tches takin' pictres because every night's a photo op.
Yeah, and nothing has been photoshopped
I say I'm a buy the bar and they say n*gga no you're not
I be satisfied with the percentage that my lawyer got
Makin' other people rich is something I enjoy alot
Uh, can you tell even when your girl won't
I'm a still be feelin' me even when the world don't
Sh*t just changed forever first I get alot of dough
Then I end up with your woman that's just how it's gotta go
Yeah, and I can tell her things and treat her right
You can get whatever baby remember you and me tonight
Throw the p*ssy at me guarentee that you won't see a strike
I'm a hit it hard you gon' think you Derek Jeter wife
Uh, tell me, how does that sound?
I can get it ass up and with your back down
Spit that all suki suki in your ear
It's the n*gga Rich Boy and the rookie of the year
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