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When We Come Around Lyrics
[Chorus: Nickelus F]
We looking for some j...
We looking for some j,..
You better tuck your women cause
We looking for some j,..
We looking for some j,..
If you love em then cuff em
Cause we looking for some j,..

And when we come around
You know it's going down,
When that tour bus pull up get all the ladies in your town,

[Verse 1: Nickelus F]
Drake the pretty one,
Nick the gritty one,
But we the niggas that's surrounded when the bidies come,
Pop bottles is our style, you niggas sipping rum,
Got models with smart mouths we call them pretty dumb,
Take your baby home, she strip to reggaeton,
Make me spend all my money,
Now I need a payday loan,
Was born in 82, but ride on 84's,
Cause I'm making loot, you niggas making bones,
The sky is the limit, I'm high and I'm in it,
School my,..
Ask the chickens I be mixing,
This guy like a chemist,
Tell haters go bankrupt and get out of my business,
Yeah I shut down shops,..
Haters get off my balls, ladies get on my jock,
Know I shut down the street when I pull out the lot,
Know if I go in my pocket I pull out a lot,


[Verse 2: Drake]
Look I don't ever drink no... unless it's cold,
And if it's an exclusive I got it for the soul,
If you ain't got the money I put your purchase on hold,
Got verses for these records and that paper for the phone,
Hand me mph, I ask no project... my people,
How come all the whips you niggas buying get the repo,
Catch me in something new that I'm rolling with Nicko,
Either at the crib or in the club or at the depo,
Hear me though,
I got the sport range you just get short changed,
Ya'll niggas witness shit that happen and you report things,
I do resort things, ST Lucia four springs,
And I'm important so I import things,
I fly in planes with 6 windows and short wings,
My team's exactly what loyalty and support brings,
Figure that you new that, you must be high,
We throw parties where you reside at homie,
Where the f*ck are you at,

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