Dr. Dre - Lolo (Intro) Lyrics

Dr. Dre Lyrics

Lolo (Intro) Lyrics
[THX sound test]
[Lowrider jumping in the background]

[xzibit:] Goddamn! Hey whassup, nigga? Oh, shit!
[Trey Dee:] Whassup?
[xzibit:] Hey, that motherf*cker clean!
[Trey Dee:] Who was that?
[xzibit:] Hey, that's Dre, nigga, that's the... Look at that shit!
[Trey Dee:] Hangin' that motherf*cker!
[xzibit:] Look at that!
[Trey Dee:] GODDAMN!
[xzibit:] Hahahaha!
[Trey Dee:] That nigga chromed out up under that motherf*cker!
[xzibit:] Whooooooooooooooooooo-wwwwhhhhhooooooooooooooooooo!
[Trey Dee:] Hangin' on the bumper X!
[xzibit:] Hey, hang that shit!
[Trey Dee:] Whattup, Dr. Dre?
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