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Gauguin Gone Hollywood Lyrics
He talks a lot but never talks to anyone at all
He shakes his fists at busses and old posters on the walls
He knows someone who knew something about J.F.K.
But his friends are just the shadows in the halls and alleyways

The rumbling frozen pipes whisper secrets in the night
In the coffee grounds, his fingers sketch a portrait of his wife
She knew the legal eagle when his wings swept through the stars
Before he shut the furnace down and sealed away his heart

It's Gauguin gone Hollywood again
A sleeping giant inside a rabbit's skin
Tahitian doors beyond the painted veil
Another simple mind adrift
Like Gauguin going Hollywood again

The day lacks color, days are duller than a butter knife
Rusty water running through hands out of touch with life
A man of independent means, he'd have us all believe
A soul who throws his wings away before he goes to sleep


If only for a moment, the dead weight were alive
An invitation for the flame to shine a light inside
Illuminating darkness, giving him release
Then someday in his trash can we'll find a masterpiece


Like Gauguin going Hollywood again

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